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AFX 24 Hour Challenge - Replacement Set

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  • AFX 24 Hour Challenge - Replacement Set

    Ok, update. The LHS did not have another Big Block Battler set and the distributor was out of them. So, I paid $10 +tax more and got the 24 Hour Challenge. Wow - what a difference! Although not as long, its a great set. Large radius turns, Fantastic looking cars, and everything works great right out of the box. I've run the cars on 8v, 18v, and 22v and its awesome.

    I did notice that the red car ran a bit slower than the blue car, but once we've run the cars a few times they seem to be breaking in and running pretty good. Starting out down the straight away and through the first turn, you better be the first guy through that turn and into the first section of squiggle, cause if not, your both coming off the track. HAHA...We are FINALLY have fun with the Christmas Slot Cars.

    I appologize to anyone I may have offended with my frustration , but I hope you understand, it was Christmas Day and we had a bum present. All better now.

    Now for the cars: These things are amazing looking. The detail is unreal for this size car. For you guys that are waiting for the cars to hit the stores outside of the set, its worth the wait. They really look good.

    So, thanks to everyone for your advice - even the advice I took as "excuses" - I appreciate all the help I've gotten. My LHS came through, as I expected they would.

    Merry Christmas to everyone - and have a Happy New Year!

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    glad you got things sorted out!


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      Glad to hear everything is great now. Just remember, these car will require some maintenance to keep them running peak. You will probably look back at this and remember getting a toy that needs batteries for Christmas. Everybody in the house looks at each other and wants to know who failed to get them. Any way have fun and welcome aboard. Soon you will have tons of cars and accessories and will have forgotten that bad experience.


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        Just to let everyone know, we've been having a blast. I shot some video of the racing. I'll edit it and post it up on youtube at some point. We've already gotten comfortable enough with the speed of the Mega Gs to kick the voltage up and really race - at least I have. Seems 18v is all you really need. 22v on this track is just too much with short straight aways. And those squeeze tracks and the wide cars cause some trouble. But its all good.

        Then I got out the Magnatraction cars. One from the early 80s and one from the mid 70s and believe it or not, most of you will believe it, my son likes those the best. He has a hard time keeping up with the speed of the Mega G but loves beating me with the Magna cars. The one from the mid 70s is really smooth.

        Your right, We will have a collection of cars soon, and already have plans to expand the track. I have a feeling we will have a great collection of Magna cars. They are really smooth.

        I love the wider radius of the turns on the 24 hour challenge. 12" and 18" turns make a huge difference. We need more straight aways though with long radius turns at the end for speed! HAHA...

        What a difference a couple days makes and a set that works makes.


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          Wow! What a turnaround of the situation you've performed. Your son will remember your example along with the sheer laugh-out-loud fun of neck and neck racing with Dad. Thanks for sharing the good news!

          Have fun!


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            Have you tried the Autoworld X-Traction cars? They are remakes of the magnatraction chassis, and can be got for pretty cheap compared to other cars.


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              I glad to hear things worked out OK. Have fun!


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                Mighty glad to hear a happy ending. No looking back now, just go create those memories with your kid. The set will require maintenance but there is no shortage of help available in the forum should you need it. Happy racing..............



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                  Thanks guys. We had a blast last night. Several hours of off and on racing. We would race for a while, take a break, come back, and on and on. I tell ya, those Mega Gs are FAST! And the Magnatraction cars are just plain fun.

                  I've looked at the AW cars. Probably going to get a couple of those along with a couple more MGs and some BSRT models.

                  I'll be building a 4x8 base in the next few weeks so its not sitting on the floor. We are running it on our hardwood floor right now, and I'm just afraid its gonna get stepped on. I plan to expand the track as well.

                  Thanks again...We're havin fun now!