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    Hello all,

    Due to health reasons, I am now confined to indoor hobbies only and remembered all of the fun i used to have racing slot cars 50 years ago.

    I just ordered the tomy afx intl' race set and have a couple of questions based on the research I have done on sites like this.

    First, I want to upgrade the controllers sooner rather than later and will probably order the parma economy controller. What I don't know for certain is which ohms to order. 45 seems to be the consensus.

    Second, I want to order replacement silicone tires, but here I am totally confused as to what to order. Do hubs need to be replaced on the mega g cars and if so, with what. And what size tires are needed.

    Lastly, I intend to build a 4 x 12 track with pretty long straights, but don't know the actual design yet. It seems that the race sets offer a lot of value vs. Buying individual pieces. Are there 2 tomy afx sets, that when combined offer the greatest value?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the hobby and SCI. I bought both the international and 4 way split set to set up my 4 lane track (like you after many years away from slot cars). That gave me plenty of track, 4 wall warts (one per lane), 8 cars, etc. Worked well for me.



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      45 Ohm controllers will not have enough sensitivity for non-magnet cars at 18V or more. That's why I prefer 60 Ohm controllers. The 60 Ohm controllers work fine for the magnet cars.

      You do not need to change the hubs on the Mega G cars to be able to use silicone tires. Since you're using Tomy track, you have more flexibility in the tires you can use because the rails aren't too high. I've found that the Low Profile TJet 500 silicone rear tires from Budshocars (12 pair for as little as $8) are very versatile in that the ID easily stretches to fit larger hubs.

      Also, I completely agree with MSW regarding the combination of the Super International and The 4-Way Split (currently marked down drastically on the Racemasters site due to minor/cosmetic box damage). However, I'd recommend scrapping ALL of the 6" radius turns and getting some (8?) 15" radius turns and some (4?) 18" radius turns from ScaleAuto to help make your track layout smoother and faster.
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        i used 45 ohm on my HO track, and they worked well for everything but t jets. you might need a 90 ohm for something like a t jet and 60 would be good for magnatractions. but for stock modern magnet cars, 45 seems the best to me. if you upgrade the magnets, 25 ohms might be a better choice.


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          I have used Wizzard PVT02 tires on a Mega G, they worked very well. The fact is that you have to experiment a little to find out which controller will work best for you. 45 ohms might be the best compromise if you are going to run magnet, light magnet and non-magnet cars. With a Mega G car I would use a 25 ohm controller or maybe 35 ohms. I use a 60 ohm controller with T-jets, but most people use a 90. You could get two different controllers and put a replacement resistor in the one that doesn't work as well for you. It would be nice if you could borrow some different controllers before you bought one.