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Need help with a good afx super g+ & tyco 440 set up

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  • Need help with a good afx super g+ & tyco 440 set up

    Hello, I am new here I just got back into slo cars about a moth ago. I purchased two like like tracks and wired one power supply to each lane. I am using a afx super g + and a tyco 440 and I just a want a little more power and handling. Can some one recommend a good step up for armatures and traction mags. Thanks for your time!

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    if you have the Tyco 440's I don't know of any better mags for that chassis.

    if using the 440x2 with the two traction mags. then there is help.

    get some silicone Super tires.

    as with the super G + car. get a rear axle from a tomy srt or a turbo car and some super tires.

    as well there is help in the magnet area here also.

    get a ballenced arm for them. this will get more speed. you can also change the crown gear to a lower number of teeth. this will get more top end speed.


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      Welcome back to HO racing! Gather info on this site and on the web to get your HO-DUCATION!

      Add silicone tires (I use Super Tires) for better handling.
      Independent front end.
      A 3.5 ohm arm should give you more power.
      Neo traction magnets will help in cornering (440-X2)!

      Independent front end.
      Hubs (BSRT/AJ's 3050) and slip-on silicone tires.
      5.8 Ohm armature for stock. You can get a "hot stock" motor as well. A bigger arm would require more power on your track.
      Look for traction magnets that are grey in color and have two round circles on them. You can also go with neo!

      Hope this helps! Try to get with some other racers or a club so you can get some "hands on" tuning!!

      All The BEST!


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        if you don't already have one, don't forget to get a good controller. Even a Parma economy is a big step up from the crap that comes with those race sets. It will seem like you're driving new cars.


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          super G plus question
          what size silicone slip on tire's do you guys recommend for using on the Tommy SRT axles after you put them on the super G plus? how about tires for the BSRT hubs?


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            For my AJ's hubs I use .422 Super Tires and the same for BSRT .250 DIA hubs on my Max Trax layout. I use .458 Super Tires on the SRT axle. Depending on your track rail height you will have to get the car high enough not to scrape the rails. A tire sizer is a useful tool to have in your box!
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              For the Tyco-if Neo traction magnets are too strong try the BSRT 272 Ceramic Grade Traction magnets-they're available from Scale Auto. Along with some "ski" shoes like the BSRT 236. The Tomy stock rear axle is thicker than a Tyco axle but the Tyco sized axle (.059) works great in the the Super G+ car. If you haven't gotten gear removal/installer or wheel remove/press tools, I'd advise getting them. BSRT makes some good tools as does Scale Engineering and RTHO.


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                n the sg+, I use the tyco alxe and i gut down the white gear boss with an exacto knife as the axle spins. The tyco axle seems to work the best in the Sg+ cause it is a little smaller.

                you will learn to drive better if you leave the the tyco with it stock magnets and simply learn to adjust it's handling by playing with ride height and shoe tension


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                  fntz guru: would you recommend the same size super tires for the srt hubs if you are just driving on Tommy-Tyco track.(I am jealous you have Max track) I want something that lowers the stock tires/hubs a little but not too much. When I put the BRST tires that come with the 902 on my srt hubs they were too thin and my super G plus turned into a slow sticky magnet car.

                  also Kim don't forget to try some gel claw tires they are great for the Tyco 440s you can get them for the fronts too


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                    Hey ALAN S! .458 Super Tires work just fine on my Tomy track and should be good on TYCO track as well. I just checked it with a piece of TYCO track....!


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                      Sorry I did not reply sooner, got caught up with work and life. Thanks for all your input and advice! So far for my super g + I ordered level 52 neo magnets, a tweaked endbell, trued and balanced armature, Bsrt flexible chassis, independent front axle, and a rear axle set with some sticky tires. As far as the tyco 440 x2 goes i just got some 52 neo mags and 3.5 balanced arm. Can't wait til the mail comes! Thanks again for all your help