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  • Huge Power Decrease...

    I have a 2 lane Tyco Slot Car track which uses a standard power track which is powered by a 25.5v power supply. For some reason, the cars have gotten a lot slower than usual when two are going at once. I understand that two cars going at once will be slower than having just one car going at once, but this decrease in power never seemed to be this bad. Each car rips pretty good when it's the only one on the track but it seems like the inside lane slows down to about half power when two cars are on the track. Like I said, there was always a small amount of power loss between the two cars but it seems to have gotten worse now. I have 3 power supplies (two of them being 25.5v, the other being 16v) and it the same huge power decrease happens with all of these. Is it normal for the power to decrease this much?

    What I'm thinking is maybe something is wrong with one of the cars so it's robbing a lot more power than it should when both cars are on the track. One car is a Tyco and the other is a Life-Like.

    Would it be safe to run two power pieces on a single track to compensate for the power loss?

    Hopefully I'm making sense here, I'm quite new to slot cars...


    EDIT: Wait a second, I just thought of something. Can I have two power pieces/power supplies and plug just one controller into each track? It sounds like it will work, not sure though...
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    I am not versed on TYCO track, but with AFX track I have a 4 lane setup with a wall wart powering EACH lane (4 total). Works well. don't see why you could not do that with Tyco as well. Just watch your wiring so you don't get the power crossed to both lanes.



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      Thanks Charlie. I just tried it out, using two power pieces with two power supplies and one controller on each piece, and it works great now. I have 4 power supplies but each one is a different voltage (14v, 16v, 20v, 25v) so I'm just using the 14v and 16v ones for now.


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        dude, did you scrub your rails ?


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          I cleaned them pretty good prior to putting it together. I first used a dremel with a wire brush bit and cleaned each end of each piece good, then I used a foam sanding block to clean off the top of each piece, then I wiped them all down with some spray and a rag and then wiped them one more time with a dry rag. This track was really old so each piece needed to be cleaned like I mentioned above. I still have ~100 pieces in a box that I didn't clean yet!


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            Even though you went to a lot of trouble to clean all of the contacts I suspect that you are still getting a power loss due to poor connections. I had the same problem when I took some old Aurora lock and joiner track out of storage. No matter how much I fussed with the track I had to add jumpers to get good power. It never hurts at have a seperate power supply for each lane.


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              Yea I know what you mean Rich, some pieces were better than other when it came to contacts. I also forgot to mention that I barely bent the end of each contact out a bit so they were a tighter fit, it greatly decreased the amount of dead spots in the track (I don't even think there are any now).