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Here's the fix to the Mega G's sticking in tight corners

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  • Here's the fix to the Mega G's sticking in tight corners

    Like others, I was having a problem w/my Mega's getting "stuck" on the tighter turns on my Tomy layout. They would literally get "jammed" in between the rails in certain spots. I tried pushing the rails down, it didn't work for me. I tried bending the front of the shoes so the "attack" angle was sharper as some racers suggested, still, they were getting stuck or worse, would deslot when they hit the rail the wrong way.

    The solution? I took off the body on my Audi & slowly ran just the chassis. The first place it got stuck I took a close look & I could see exactly what part of the pickup shoe was hitting. For those of you having this problem, run the cars w/the bodies off & you'll see exactly what I mean.

    The part that is hitting the rail & getting "stuck" is the front outside edge of the shoes. What I did to fix it was to remove the shoes, and using a dermel tool (w/eye protection) I took a tick off of that front outside edge & then shaped it a bit so instead of a sharp, hard edge, it sort of sloped up a bit. I also carefully shapped it a bit with a small metal hand file. Basically you want to get rid of that sharp edge that keeps getting jammed into the rail & curve it up a bit so that when the shoe gets to a part of a rail that it wants to catch the shoe is gently slidding up and over it rather than bluntly slamming it.

    You'll want to do the left outside front edge of the left shoe & the right outside edge of the right shoe. Once you figure out how it do it it takes all of 5 minutes.


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    Could you post pictures? I'm not sure I fully understand what your are describing.



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      the g3 used to do this as well.
      we that fix may still be around

      instead of the side of the shoes looking like this | | they will slanted like this \ /


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        I ended up using my dremel to grind/sand down the rails at the connection points of the tight corners.I did not have to remove too much material for the cars to pass through these track peices.Make sure you clean the track peices thoroughly to remove the metal grindings.


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          I also ended doing that pn my track as well so that the g3 & storm guys would not have any more issues, just did the opposite of the shoes! i tapered the top of the track rails like / \
          then I left the metal shavings for their cars to pick up


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            Will post photos later today after I get batteries for the camera.

            I did first try grinding the rails down a bit. It was a lot of work and I was afraid I was going to remove too much material & have to replace track sections, which I did not want to do as I have a permanant, sceniced layout.

            The shoe fit takes just minutes, and I figure the worst that can happen is I mess up a $2 pair of shoes.
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              Notice how on the front of the shoes I sort of rounded them off on the outsides? There you go.


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                Thanx downtowndeco! A picture is worth a thousand words!


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                  I've been having the same problem thanks for the tip. By the way I'm new hello everyone !