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  • At this time I can not find sufficient lateral movement for the shoe / spring combo on the brush barrel to allow for the free travel of the shoes using the looped Tyco or Wizzard springs without opening the shoe cavity on the chassis.

    Now if I narrowed the width of the shoe at the hook end a few thousands I would feel better about doing what Gareth has described. Don't get me wrong, a Dremel and stone would do the job on the shoes with very little effort. ( down side is the hook on the Mega G is it's weakest link and narrowing it would seem to make it even weaker )

    We have to Dremel the shoes on our Big 3 cars sometimes to help navigate the front end around the different rails on some of the tracks we run, so no big deal with using the Dremel.

    The biggest deal with me is I rely a lot on my shoes to get the handling I want and any unwanted friction can be bothersome at times.

    Gareth, I'm looking forward to your R&D report on what you have done with the Wizzard springs and at the same time I'm not stopping to look for an alternative to improving the SREP on the Mega cars.

    This is half of the fun for this hobby and racing 1.1 to me. I don't cuss the rule book for it makes me think more.

    At the same time it makes me wonder what part was left off this car because of Child Safety Laws considering the size of the parts that did pass these laws ? It doesn't matter now, it is what it is.

    The challenge continues, Cliff


    • Originally posted by Ditchrat View Post
      More importantly are these springs readily available? I havent look too hard, but only one search yielded results.
      Yep the are, Wizzard part no 'LLS14.


      • also SLOTCARDIRECT (UK) Lucky Bobs (USA) hoslotcarracing (USA) slotcarcentral (USA) and many more.............................