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Wife says yes to a "LITTLE RED WINE" & "WHITE KNUCKLE" Racing !

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  • Wife says yes to a "LITTLE RED WINE" & "WHITE KNUCKLE" Racing !

    After lunch with left over Thanksgiving Goodies the wife did not want to go shopping with all the other ladies, she asked if she stayed home, could we race on the "WRANGLER" ?
    To my shock I said oh yeah ! ( I could swear she had been practicing ? )

    She wanted to race G3 901's / Stock Ceramic Storms / H.O.P.R.A. Super Stocks in 2 minute Heats

    CLASS 1
    Stock 901 G3 / Hard Body GT

    1-Cliff 49 laps / 25 sections
    2-Sammi 47 laps / 25 sections

    CLASS 2
    Stock Ceramic Storms / LEXAN

    1-Sammi 79 laps / 2 sections
    2-Cliff 77 laps / 9 section

    CLASS 3
    H.O.P.R.A. Super Stocks

    1-Sammi 67 laps / 9 sections / G3
    2-Cliff 64 laps / 18 sections / Wizzard

    I'm real proud of her determination and competition !

    There will be a REMATCH !
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    Sounds like a great lady.

    Remember, it's not who wins or loses, it's that you are not in trouble!

    As with her 1/1 driving, Ethyl's specialty is mostly giggling.

    (great strategy on the "losing", btw!)


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      Good fun, nice layout & pics. Are the cars geared with higher (23-25T) crowns?


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        So cool!!!! She's a keeper for sure.

        Love the track, too.


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          Originally posted by Dyno Dom View Post
          Good fun, nice layout & pics. Are the cars geared with higher (23-25T) crowns?

          Dom, 24 & 25 is perfered ( Modified H.O.P.R.A. ) but most cars do fine on a 23. The 7t pinion is a must in mostly all cases.

          Thanks for the kind words guys ! Happy Holidays.

          PS I'm going to have to open a case " Butt Kick " tonight, she likes to rub it in when she beats me. But really it is just fun running with her, she's for sure a KEEPER.



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            You let her win!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!! All kidding aside,she is a keeper!

            David S


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              Well the weekend came and it was time to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping, best shopping we have ever done without a fuss or two during the day. Had some supper and headed home.
              She woke up feeling so good about the day before she decided to have some wine with her Sunday lunch. Then she mentioned she felt like racing some, well you know then I had to boogie to the WRANGLER and get it ready for some Sunday afternoon racing.

              It was on then !

              [ame=""]HO Slot Car Racing Polymer Bonded SS - YouTube[/ame][ame=""]HO Slot Car Racing Polymer Bonded Super Stock 12 15 13 - YouTube[/ame]

              The Ole Girl is really improving but I have to be honest, not many calls come my way................
              I thank her for really getting into it and for not liking to lose like a real racer...................
              We raced 4 classes of her choice in 2 minute Round Robins, I didn't lose any this week but she also didn't give anything either, she was serious ! You will see on the score sheet.
              She get's 1st pick of each car for each class.

              OFF to get some more RED WINE !


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                Just watch out for them white knuckles!


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                  Bob, isn't that what racing is all about ? Hair, teeth and eyeballs til the last one standing ?

                  It's really not fair, I like eating her cooking and sleeping with a warm body. So I will just have to run like hell but make it look cool at the same time !


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                    You have been married for some time!

                    "So I will just have to run like hell but make it look cool at the same time !" --Oval

                    It's that last part that is the neat trick...

                    ps--your track remains very cool!


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                      Valentine's Day 2000, 2nd date was a NASCAR race @ Rockingham the next week.

                      If I don't run and look real cool doing it, they might want me back in the "BIG HOUSE" for a pit stop. Her & her gang of secretaries will BUST me out !
                      Works everytime, ( knock on wood )

                      Bob bout the lst time you gave me a compliment. But thanks for the kind words as usual about the 1987 TOMY plastic track WRANGLER.
                      It's footprint has never changed and it runs better with age.

                      As long as there is some kind of racing done on the WRANGLER, I'll try to continue to report of married racing. Pros and Cons .


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                        Oval, It's all good, Merry Christmas, man!

                        I have a buddy who has a saying that is semi-applicable... "I would be glad to follow the rules if they would just stay the same!"


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                          Great layout,& nice selection of cars. I race my wife periodically, and when she concentrates, she is pretty good. But, she is also the reason I had to erect barriers at the corners........


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                            Be careful Speed, the wifes have a secret reason brewing in their helmets, as you are probably well aware of............ The husband must be beat down, somehow someway.....................

                            It's all good !