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  • Lexan body pins

    What size are the body pins for lexan bodies? Can I buy them at McMaster Carr?

    Thanks Dean

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    Standard HO body pins are 0.25 inches long and 0.032 inches in diameter. They should be made of brass so stray ones will not get caught in the motor. It does not look like McMaster-Carr has anything that small.
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      Houshold pins from the local shop work fine. They are too long for many slot racing uses, but only take a couple of seconds to shorten to the required length.

      The tip about using brass sounds logical.
      Just about everybody uses steel pins for lexan bodies in the larger scales, it doesn't seem to be much of a problem.


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        Once in a while I have seen a steel body pin get caught on the motor of a 1/24th car, mostly without harm. Today even lower class 1/24th cars have open can motors, increasing the chances of damage, so it is a wise precaution to put tape over the heads of the pins. Like many things the diameter of common steel pins has gotten a little smaller, I just measured one at 0.021 inch. Those might be more likely to fall off in the heat of battle.


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          Over here just about all 1/32 or 1/24 cars with a lexan bodies have ventilation holes in the motor - unventilated motors are pretty much confined to hard body cars that don't use pins for body fixing. That seems to be true with the visitors from the US we see.

          Body pins are bent slightly so they are a tighter fit and stay in place, smaller diameter ones need bending slightly more. Certainly works in 1/32 and 1/24 so I guess it should work in HO (?)
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            The problem with regular steel pins you buy at the store is the diameter is much smaller and even bent they will fall out because they are so much shorter when used in HO cars. As Rich said you need thicker pins that as far as I know are not really made/ sold in retail U.S. stores. These pins were made thicker for clothing Mfg. I have not looked for them in years but regular pins are much smaller. The pins that are sold for 1/24 are whats called "Bead Pins" and about .031-.032" diameter.

            When I was in 1/24 products from 1985-1996 I sold more body pins I called "Body Nails" then all my competitors combined. I had a Mfg. here in the states but they sold out and transferred all the machinery to Europe right before I sold Front Line Products in 1996. I used to buy 25 lbs of pins at a time.... Can't remember how many that was but suffice to say it was a TON of pins. I gave 4 pins with each air control kit and sold packs of 25 and 100. I sold 10-20 lbs of pins a year for many years.

            Also of note all the body posts I have seen for HO have a larger inside diameter and do not hold 1/24 size steel pins as well as the brass pins sold for HO. When and before Gary @ BSRT came out with body posts (I think he was first) we always used 1/16" brass tubing and the they worked great and many used simple staples and in 1/16" tube. I always liked the staple..... and after body posts came out I used "staple gun" staples because the have a wider cross section and held better and they had tape across the face of them so they never fell out.
            Find out what works for you and bullet proof whatever you use.


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              I use the aluminum body pins from Scale Engineering. They're non-magnetic so they won't get sucked into a motor.