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Auto World Dallara indy Cars - Sneak Peek

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  • Auto World Dallara indy Cars - Sneak Peek

    Ok guys, I just received a production ready prototype of the new Auto World Indy Dallara on the, be ready for it... very much improved Super III chassis. It sits just right and the lines are excellent. The front wings are bit higher than I'd like, but that was a concession for getting around banked turns without dragging. I can live with that, since I've worn some serious grooves in the front wings of my AFX Champ cars.

    I will have pictures this evening, I was waiting for the green light from AW to post. I did some out of the package testing and WOW did they make some good improvements. The pick up shoes are new with a round hook wrapping the brush barrels. And the traction magnets are now fixed, recessed about .010" into the chassis. Just enough grab without locking to the rails. The new armature has a silver comm and runs much much cooler. Speed out of the package was right up there with Mega-G and Life-Like chassis. Even bigger news is there will be a parts supply! Pit kits are scheduled to be released around the same time as the Indy race sets in May.

    I'll post pics when I get home this evening. Watch for the updates around 7:00 PM EST.


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    Very cool.

    As you clearly have their ear could you ask if the MR-1 project is still going ahead please?


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      Nice Scoop, pshoe!


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        Fingers crossed! If the chassis is improved and AW cranks out Indy cars like they've been cranking out drag race cars, this will be a great addition.


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          Great news. Looking forward to further info.


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            Very much looking forward to seeing these, especially if performance is on par with the Mega G.


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              That was my first thought Mike!


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                maybe a useful improvement on the chassis. They do have a hole to dig out of….


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                  As much of an Indy fan as I am, this is spectacular news!!!!

                  I still can't figure how they will get a lower profile (with the lines right) indy car tucked over a Super III? I can't wait the see the pics!!! Thanks, as you are always on the cutting edge of getting the news out first with very accurate information.

                  thanks again, Gar



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                    The DW12 is a bloater, so I guess they used some slight of hand to make that work for them.


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                      I recently purchased a 3-D printed DW12 from a guy on Ebag which is made for the Mega-G 1.7". It's got a great shape (a little bloated) and sits a little high. I started to grind some of the innards out to get it to sit lower. I made some progress, but would have to mold and cast it to grind away at copies to see how low I can get it. HOWEVER, and that's a BIG however, I will not copy this. if I want a DW12 to sit on a 1.7" I'll make my own.

                      Here is my point. If someone can't get this style Indy to sit low on the Mega G, then how is it going to look on the Super III? Like I said in another thread about this topic, to get this to look right, the Super III must be significantly redesigned?????? Guess we'll see when Paul posts the photos tonight.


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                        I saw those printed bodies Gary. Are they durable enough to race?


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                          Oh yeah. The body is almost TOO STRONG as it doesn't give very much when snapping it over the chassis. But it is 'rock solid" and stronger than any plastic I've seen. Now sometimes, especially with that needle-like nose, the question would be will it snap like a chicken bone on impact? That would remain to be seen. Also, both versions of the front wings would be fragile in a racing environment. Lastly, the body surface is very rough as the 3D printing is not as refined as it could be.

                          Has a nice look though. I'll try to post a photo of it tonight once i'm home from work.


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                            This would make a good thread, it will kick off a discussion of where 3D printing is etc, and of course seeing the pictures would be good.

                            Do you intend to paint one up?

                            I saw he plans to do 2010 cars as well as this year's stuff


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                              Yes, i agree we should leave this thread to Paul and his original topic. I'll look for your next thread.