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    Both of which are confirmed.


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      Cool, but still have a very fixable glaring mistake. The rear wing is mounted backwards, and it also looks the the writing "INDYCAR" is facing the wrong direction on the rear wing.

      Second, it also answers a question that was asked earlier in the thread. You can plainly see four(4) front axle holes for this chassis. That should give slot car users a choice of many wheelbases.

      We won't go into the glaring mistakes that could be fixed in the accurracy of the body details, cuz beggers can't be choosey. And, because the mold is most likely already made. Other than that, they look ok!!!
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        As I have mentioned before the axle holes match (my) prototype, and have always been there. AW still have made no use of them!


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          Yep, I see that.

          These are still cool because AW is giving the hobby different versions of different cars. Got to give them credit for that. My comments above were only made to say; if you're going to do it once, why not make the best effort possible. Maybe I'm TOO MUCH of an Indy Car nut and should be happy that they are doing what they are doing.

          So...... to AW for making these!!!!


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            I hear you, but for this set none of the three things we were hoping for have come to pass.


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              Until they get the body mount fixed so that X-Traction and Aurora bodies will fit, this is all but a trivial exercise. Sales will NOT take off until the mounts agree. That is the key.


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                The point of the SIII is to allow lower and longer bodies than that, so I don't agree.

                Most of AW's customers collect the cars, or run them as they are. Those that want what you speak of enough already create their own solutions, and now there is a guy printing clip solutions.


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                  Thank you for confirming my hypothesis.


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                    Another possibility...


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                      Originally posted by LDThomas View Post
                      Thank you for confirming my hypothesis.
                      Which is?

                      I have seen the odd (occasional, not strange) lament that the Super III bodies don't line up with the other AW chassis. Bear in mind we are talking about a couple of Mustangs and three ugly Nascar attempts with generic logos.

                      These laments are usually followed by others sharing, and therefore spreading, their solutions.

                      In this instance we are talking about a body that is too long and low for those chassis, and is actually too long for the wheel base holes on the chassis it is designed for!


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                        Those liveries have the official IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway logos

                        So I'm guessing AW have IndyCar backing and there may well be licenses for 'real' liveries in the bag or - at least - in the pipeline. With the superb work AutoWorld have done with NHRA dragsters, I'm excited by these IndyCars


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                          I think that past spot-on work, and the fact they do a wide range of 'correct' modern Indycars in their diecast line-up, formed the basis of my expectation this set would have licensed cars.

                          OK, maybe that and banking will feature in a future set, but would it not make more impression to do that on the first?

                          The uber-long wheel base remains, er, interesting....


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                            Does anyone know how the wheelbase-to-track-width proportions work out relative to the 1/1 car and what the corresponding scale works out to?

                            In engineering, there is a term: "the point of diminishing returns".

                            That is, one doughnut is a good thing. Along about 12 in, a 13th doesn't sound so good...


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                              Without further input from Paul we can only speculate as to the exact wheel base of the AW car, other than it must be at least 1.75''.

                              I'm not sure what this diminishing return refers to. Clearly AW feel the car will perform as required within it's own sets, which is all all the toy companies care about, for the most part.

                              As per an earlier post in this thread:

                              With the back axle now moved in to the maximum limit the width of the AW car will be 1/59th scale. This give a 'correct' wheel-base of exactly two inches in one of th DW12's configurations and 2.05'' in the other.

                              If we lie and say everything is 1/64th scale then the wheel-base would still correctly be 1.84'' and 1.89''


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                                Interesting, but won't be unto snuff in racing with the big boys and lexan bodies.

                                Sill curious what the arm ohms to...