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    data center

    I hope you can get the data center track fixed. A friend in NJ sent me one last year. I finally put it into a small track a few months ago. It does a nice job as a basic lap timer (resolution in tenths of a second), and the fuel mode racing is fun. I substituted a 9V battery in place of all the AA batteries.
    Have fun!


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      I really wanted to use the Data Center so my friend and I are going to attempt the fix. The rest of the adapters are good and I checked power to all the rest of the pieces so I should be good to go after the Data Center fix!


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        It may also be possible to remove the Data Center from the layout by substituting another track in its place and soldering wires from the Data Center to the substitute piece. I plan to do this using the old Tyco Computer Center.

        As is, there's really no good way to use two Data Centers for a four lane track because they are too wide. What I mean by that is the following...

        Normally on a four lane track, you put two two lane pieces side by side, each of which is 3" wide. Because the Data Center is attached to a piece of 15" straight, it is over 6" wide, therefore you cannot put two of them at the same location. However, if you could wire the Data Center to a real 15" (or other size ) straight, you could put them in the same location...and you would not have to worry about ruining the track piece connected to the Data Center. Plus you could place the actual unit anywhere, not necessarily near the spot where the "lap counter" track is located..

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          you can carefully slot the rail holder in the plastic wider where the break is, Cut a new rail section from a donor track, then graft it onto the broken data center. push it next to broken rail in the widened slot, then align the rail heights and light sand the top and silver solder with a very hot soldering iron, keep a wet sponge near to quickly quench the hot rails before the plastic starts to melt to much... or you can remove the broken rail entirely and use a 15" donor track take the complete rail or as much as needed and press out the old rail and press in the new rail... you may need to solder new connections as well.


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            Lots of good ideas here! Thanks! I am confident we will be able to save the Center. It may be some time before I actually get to the labor though. I will update when surgery is over!