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  • Tools - thread compilation

    Saw another request about tools one might need / desire, so I found some threads dealing with tools, boxes, etc.
    The last one above contained links (courtesy of MSwatterlogged) to these three:

    Added 2/9/15, thread about wheel presses & pullers:

    SOME examples of TOOL Manufacturers &/or Suppliers
    Not cars/parts/bodies/oils/etc., though some of these manufacture and/or supply those as well.
    Also, this list is NOT intended to represent an exhaustive list or endorsement/preference of any in particular ... they're all good IMHO/experience.
    Bad L's Hobby
    BSRT (including some G3/SG+ specific tools)
    Harden Creek Slots
    JAG Hobbies
    JW's Speed Parts
    Lucky Bob's (gear/wheel press & puller, and tools from others listed here)
    One Stop Slot Shop
    Professor Motor
    Scale Engineering
    ... and others. I'm sure I've overlooked/forgotten some that could be on here in the context of "tools".

    And of course you can find "generic" tools (jeweler's screwdrivers, flat & needle nose pliers, tweezers, etc.) from many sources.

    Hope it helps,

    NOTE: This could be made a Sticky Thread if folks and administrators want to do that - and folks use/add to it as an information SOURCE, and NOT use it for promotion/bashing (which would be against the SCI rules I'm sure).
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    Originally posted by theroad87 View Post
    NOTE: This could be made a Sticky Thread if folks and administrators want to do that - and folks use/add to it as an information SOURCE, and NOT use it for promotion/bashing (which would be against the SCI rules I'm sure).
    Wow, great effort there, Mike! Indeed a useful tool.

    Zee thread, she is stuck!


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      Thank you for posting this!


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        Got dragged to the Gem and Jewelry Show yesterday, but it wasn't a total loss. I came across the Jemco Jewelers Supply booth and bought, among other cool tools, a Diamond Mini Needle File Set p/n [NF102]. This is a REALLY tiny set of diamond impregnated files for working on jewelry, ... like slot cars. Very handy for filing in tight places. They also had tools for casting, polishing, and metalworking.

        So don't just limit your search to slot car shops for tools.
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          Resin bodyworking tools

          Tools for prepping and mounting resin bodies.

          Dremel tool and various grit grinding stones, cut off wheels, engraving cutter(s)
          Pin vise & assorted small drill bits (for various holes, scoop openings, etc.).
          Drill bit or tap for 1-72 screws (for resin bodies with mounting posts)
          #11 X-Acto knife
          Emery boards & sticks, sanding pads, polishing pads - various grits (from 240 up to 12000). Think of the nooks and crannies you may need to get into, and you can see where various types are needed - flat, round, flexible, tapered, etc.
          Glue - fastlap's suggestion is Gorilla Super Glue Gel. I've also found Extreme Power adhesive (in thick, medium, and thin formulas) and Accelerator very handy to use. Any hobby shop or craft store should have them or similar products.
          Round natural (not dyed) wood toothpicks to apply glue (never directly from the tube!) or paint. Dyed picks will bleed color into your glue or paint, hence use natural wooden ones.
          Plastic tid-bits (styrene, Evergreen, etc.): flat, round, hollow, etc.
          Putty - for building up areas or smoothing transitions / joints.
          I recently picked up a test probe set at Harbor Freight that looked like it would be handy. They also have some similar Pick & Hook sets. See Precision Hand Tools. Micro-Mark will have similar tools too.
          #2 lead pencil - this is a test!.

          The #2 pencil?
          As Gary (fastlap) explained, once a dentist installs a new crown, the dentist will use a piece of dye paper to place between your teeth and ask you to grind your teeth. This will leave a colored mark on the high points of the new tooth that need to be ground down to align properly with your other teeth. If a resin body is not sitting down properly then take a #2 pencil and rub the lead tip of the pencil over all the high spots on your chassis. All the sharp edges, magnet's highest points, brush barrels, chassis clips, etc. Then snap the body over the chassis and try to slightly move the body back and forth. The body doesn't move much, so don't try to force it. When you remove the body, all the high points will show as a pencil "dot", "line', etc. on the inside of the body. These are the areas you are going to lightly grind/file. Do this repeatedly until the body sits down to the stance you are looking for. IMPORTANT: Don't grind away too much!!! How do you know if the resin is getting thin? Hold the body up to a light and you will see the difference as the light shows through more at the point where the resin is thinner. Thanks Gary!

          Coming later: paint tools, decal tools - suggestions welcome.



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            Has anyone gotten ambitious enough to spring for a lathe, mill or combination unit? Sherline seems to have a nice range, from basic to digital readout to full CNC...



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              I've had my Sherline lathe with Milling arm for nearly 30 years. That preceded silicone coated sponge tires. We would bring the lathes to a race and grind the rear sponge tires to the size needed for that track. I've used it to make body tube fixtures (Tyco X-2), Rear axle pin fixtures, clearance crown gears, etc. It is the high end of tools for racing, and you need to learn how to properly use it, to get the most out of it. I started out with just a drill press to do most of what I needed. The lathe just makes it that much easier.



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                I still have my Unimat lathe that was procured in the mid 1980s. Like Jim I used it to grind tires in the pre-silicone sponge era. Now it does things like make rims, clearance gears, make T-jet gear spacers.


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                  here are some vids I have on youtube and my video library:





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                    I have a mini lathe i use to true my t jet wheels and sand down and true my silicone tires.


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                      Chemical - Material Compatibility Database

                      Chemical - Material compatibility database,
                      Use it to check whether a chemical you (want to) use is compatible with the material you are using it on. (For example: 'track cleaning' chemicals with your track.)

                      Originally posted by RichD here: Will denatured alcohol damage plastic track?



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                        Measuring a Magnet link(s)

                        Thread regarding tools and methods for Measuring a Magnet

                        Will add others if found/pointed out.


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                          Thread about armature balancing methods and tools Question regarding balancing armatures...
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                            Any dedicated AFX tools available?

                            A idler post expanding tool for AFX gear plates would be nice. Does such a thing exist?
                            And maybe a rivet tool for the cluster gear as well.