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    12 March Update

    Started working on the platform frames. HO platform has five modules and 1:32 platform has two. Decided to only build up the frame structures and wait for attaching legs until cabinets are ready to position underneath. Then I'll attach the legs and cross bracing, get everything aligned and then install plywood top.

    Probably 3-4 weeks before I can start laying out track concepts. Getting closer.


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      Wow! I'm totally jealous right now!

      Keep us posted, I might have to barrow an idea or two of yours!


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        Received the cabinet "shells" and placed them in their locations.

        Will now determine wire routing and hookup of the 192-feet of LED light strips. Then start installing the lights. The cabinets will display my collection of trains, slot cars, plastic models (that I have yet to build) and diecast cars.

        The lower cabinets will also support the plywood top - in addition to 2x4 frames with legs.


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          Assembled the platforms today. Stood up the HO and 1:32 frames and placed 5/8-inch plywood on top. Squared everything up and now ready to install the display cabinets underneath. This will be done next weekend.

          Will be cleaning the 100+glass shelves this week so I can install when all the cabinets are set. Then I will finally be able to unbox all my collectibles for display. The LED strip lights look great and provide an evenly distributed light pattern in each cabinet. Will take photos when all wired together.

          Still three weeks away from placing track concepts on the platforms.


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            Looks like it is coming along nicely.


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              Looks great. Nice and clean!!!!


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                Sounds like you have your new track all figure out.
                Cant wait to see what's coming, keep up the cool project
                and add pictures so we can see your progress.
                Thanks for sharing your work.



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                  May 1 2016 Update

                  Made more progress.

                  Installed all cabinets and installed plywood tops. Painted tops green temporarily until I determine track configurations. Placed car collections on shelves. Big cabinet display will grow when I build plastic model kits.

                  LED cabinet lighting is awesome. Highly recommended.


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                    Do you need.... like a "Mr Belvedere" type person?
                    Somebody to clean the shelves, vacuum the hobby room..... have your slippers ready?
                    Looks great!


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                      First Cut

                      Thanks guys for the comments.

                      I laid out a first cut of a layout. The main straight is 27.5-feet long. Will have to cut some curves to 30-degrees.

                      Hope to have running in a few weeks.

                      Railroad will be inserted after I get a good flowing race track.


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                        Impressive vision, planning and execution. Nicely done!


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                          That room is looking sensational


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                            Bonez, that room and table is really impressive!

                            Looking forward to seeing the final product.........
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                              Progress Status January 2017

                              Finally got around to taking photos of current progress. Crappy from iPad but will take better ones soon.

                              Status since last post are many:

                              Wired control stations
                              Installed TV monitors and Trackmate timing system
                              Finalized slot and railroad layouts
                              Installed foam sub base
                              Added artwork to room walls

                              Next few weeks effort:

                              Wrap fascia with knotty alder
                              Wire slot track with power jumpers every eight feet


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                                Drool... that is looking superb.