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    I'm going to follow this thread very closely because I'm relocation soon too. I'm already 2 months behind, but it will be before July 2017. What's the square footage of the playroom? And I LOVE that you've incorporated the trains: I'll be doing that too.



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      Toy room is 1,700 sqft. And I too am looking forward to getting it all together.

      The word is out locally. Everyone wants to see my toy room. Great way to meet new neighbors and they all have fun running the slots! All cant wait to see it with scenery.

      And they also want their kids to get away from videogames and hang out running slots.


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        Just amazing. I love the way you did the different elevations.


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          Been Working

          I have been working on other parts of the house since last update. Although I found time to:

          Finish railroad electrical (NCE digital)
          Completed two storage drawers
          Installed AFX Track Clips and mounted track to underlayment
          Installed Knotty Alder trim around perimeter
          Completed Hobby Workshop so I can start assembling structures for platform (and display models)

          See photos.


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            Also made eight runners painted the lane colors so newbies can beat up and know what lane they are running.

            And am evaluating scenic colors/textures.


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              That is a very cool set-up.



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                Very nicely done.

                In addition to the track, I also like our down-draft paint booth and collection of scale model kits.

                Enjoy. You have earned it.



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                  Been collecting those kits since the 1970s. The paint booth ducts to the outside via two 4-inch pipes from the large fans in the booth bed. Now I can work over the winter (first snow was today). Will assemble the structures first.


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                    Looking great! I like the hobby room, well played Mr Bonez!


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                      sweet stuff


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                        Track Angle

                        I have to modify AFX curves because my room forms a 30-degree angle and the factory size is 45-degrees.

                        So I cut both a 15-inch straights and 15 & 18 curve sections to fit the track plan.

                        Once glue is set I will solder jumpers providing electrical continuity.

                        Then I can put the main straight together and finally work on the scenery.


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                          nice job. I've always wanted 30's.


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                            April 2018 Update

                            Been busy since last update. More scenery and starting structures. I have placed the structures but not mounted. Vintage Grandstands came out nice. I also added LED lights that I can dim to achieve the look I seek. I have ten Double Pit Stops that will fill out the infield. These too will be lighted. Plus I will add thousands of standing figures walking throughout the accessible areas. There will be a carnival area by the post that has animated rides. Will slow down a little as I need to get outside and play with other toys.

                            Track runs really well. Been picking up Viper cars that flat out move on my long track. Everyone has a great time when we race.

                            Still lots to do and then I have the other 1:32 track to complete.


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                              Extremely impressive.



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                                That track is just too freakin cool!!!!!!!

                                Great job!!!! I like it!!!!