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    Very nice, your layout is impressive.
    Thanks for the update.



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      Saw the post pop up again, so I went back and re-read to get familiar with your project. The latest pics with scenery are really nice (I'm a guy who likes STUFF on a layout). Since I will be dismantling "Aurora Raceway" in the near future, as we look to move to another home, I am always looking for new ideas. Not a train guy; but I think you have some cool features for that track I will be considering.......


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        Planning my trip now. lol, that looks amazing.



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          Bruce - wait until you see the 1:32 track. Most of the cars I have collected came from you.

          I will have to scratchbuild my 1:32 structures. I was able to obtain all the vintage HO kits but nothing for 1:32.

          The room is totally cool. My sanctuary!


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            Awesome! That looks like so much fun!


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              Final installation of my control panel. It is on one of the platform end caps.

              From bottom is Astron 25-amp power supply. Then two Panamax power distribution units. Each powered from switches above them. One unit for the lighting and animation AC/DC converters and one for the slot timing system (Trackmate). I did not want all the AC/DC converters to be "Always On" so I made the Panamax's switchable. Finally at the top a row of toggle switches to operate seven independent lighting and animation zones.

              I also made a section for the timing computer and a small cubbyhole above for the TV monitor remote, flashlight and reading glasses so I can see when making voltage adjustments - tough getting old...

              Very clean and labeled so The Wifey can easily operate.


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                All very nice,Bonez. Well thought out and supplied too! Hope you and everyone around there enjoy it. I have actually seen units in Hobby stores done less professionally than yours. That's a compliment to your skills and creativity!!!


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                  Looking FANTASTIC!

                  Originally posted by Bonez View Post
                  Also made eight runners painted the lane colors so newbies can beat up and know what lane they are running.

                  And am evaluating scenic colors/textures.
                  Yes indeed. Fantastic job.



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                    11 June Update

                    Turned windy and colder so spent time in my sanctuary instead of on the lake.

                    Finished gravel surface for grandstands.

                    Installed grandstands, restrooms and food stands. All lighted with Woodland Scenic Just Plug LEDs. Highly recommended.

                    Finished carnival area gravel base. Am assembling rides now but they will take a while.

                    Also have 2,000 standing figures to place throughout the area.


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                      Looking better and better. Going to have someone do a magazine spread on you when it mostly done (I assume it will never be totally done <g>



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                        Marvelous what you have done with you time and dedication! You definitely got it going on. Your research and sight of vision for the end result is to be commended. My question is where and how did you find such a bulk of 2000 figures? If you don't mind sharing I could use another measly 100 for my small 4x8 layout.


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                          I found them on the auction site direct from China. Painted OK but not detailed. I will use them in my infield area. Close up scenes will get more detailed figures. They also have sitting figures. Do a search on ho scale figures and it will show up.


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                            So I am concerned that Newbies (and me - rarely ) will fly off at my turns and bash my detailed scenery including structures, So I came up with a barrier system.

                            I sunk 5/32-inch diameter brass tubing around the curves colored silver to match the guardrail. The ID fits 1/8-inch bamboo skewers found in the cooking section of most variety stores. Then I weaved the skewers into heavy gauge clear vinyl from Joann's Fabrics.

                            Works really well retaining the cars within the turn. The clear vinyl allows for unobstructed views of the turns and background.

                            I will install only when needed.


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                              Well done Bonez. Never would have thought of that idea. Looks great and works well I bet.



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                                December 2018 Status

                                Been working on structures and boats for two areas. The Carnival Scene and Harbor Scene.

                                The Carnival Scene is in the slot area and will be part of the infield theme. Folks will walk from the Grandstands to the Carnival. The rides are motorized and lighted. I also have a speaker system that will play old time Wurlitzer organ music when the animation is activated.

                                The Harbor Scene in in the railroad area and features a large Lake Steamer and Tugboat. Both also lighted. Now I have to create the simulated water.