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    Very impressive.


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      Notice a Controline model plane in the back ground? yes an interesting, fast layout.


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        I used the room to store my hobby stuff before I started the Big Project. So that was one of my electric RC airplane in the background.

        I finished the harbor water and it came out very well.


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          Why are the photos not showing up within the post? Did something change that only has the link?


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            Feb 2019 Update

            Attempting to post progress photos using flickr.

            Harbor scene is mostly finished. Carnival scene amusement rides finished but not installed.

            Making progress!

            Feb 2019 002 by bonez 300, on Flickr

            Feb 2019 007 by bonez 300, on Flickr

            Feb 2019 009 by bonez 300, on Flickr

            Feb 2019 010 by bonez 300, on Flickr


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              Really nice, Bonez! I love the attention to detail and landscaping; to me, it makes it much more interesting when the cars go by structures and trees.

              As for the track design itself, I especially like that long, diagonal overpass!

              If I missed it, how much voltage/Watts you running, and what is the fastest timed lap so far?


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                Amazing work I love this layout.

                Very sorry images have been lost.
                Where were they hosted?
                With the problems on SCI the last few years, coming to a head in October last year when my Hosting Company moved my server and crashed SCi and my Store Sites it has been a mess.

                We are updating SCI and probably moving off the new Server as the problems they created have been a nightmare.

                Sadly we lost the Members Gallery in recovering the Site.

                If your images were there I am deeply sorry. Not sure we can recover them.

                Plus as we now are updating to the latest Vbulletin software we will lose custom plug ins Gallery was probably one of them.

                Sad to lose images of your amazing work.

                Hopefully we can recreate some of the features again soon on SCI.

                Thank you for sharing your work here. I am amazed at your talent.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



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                  Hi Alan,

                  First, thank you so much for the monumental effort to get SCI up again. I for one really love this place. Thanks again.

                  My question. Should we post photos in the album section now, or wait until the site is fully functional? What is your recommendation?




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                    Bonez, What is the size of your table?



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                      Wait as Gallery is a plug in and not sure if it will vanish with updates

                      I recommend not using add on features till we know what happe s after update.
                      Site data is safe, but any plug in add ons could be lost.

                      I am told by Vbulletin posts will not vanish.
                      Alan Smith
                      SCI Owner.



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                        Thanks again guys for the comments. I have been planning this for a very long time. I highly recommend retirement and being 14-years old for the rest of my life. Too many toys to play with!

                        And thanks Alan for your response. I know I greatly appreciate your efforts for this site. It has helped me a great deal to construct my track.

                        I have an Astron 35-amp power supply and I have jumpers every ten track joints. Overkill I know but I like margin. I really have not run that many laps - too busy building. But I have 3 and 6 ohm Viper chassis that I run at 16-18 volts. And they are smooth and very fast. The track length is about 135-feet and I have run in the 7-second times (I have a Trackmate timing system) without really trying too hard.

                        The table is split into two sections. The slot side is 10x22 and the railroad side is 12x20.

                        My garage is above the room (suspended slab with only one support column). It has one section that is at a 30-degree angle from the other doors. So I had to create some 15 and 30 degree curves to get that long straight (AFX curves are 45-degrees). There is a lot of steel in the ceiling and the walls are 14-inches thick concrete. Cell phone reception is a challenge. I call it my bunker. It is 1,700-sq ft.

                        I am very blessed. I worked for it all but I know I am very, very blessed.