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  • Big Project Progress

    Many know I am finally building my dream layout in my retirement house and have asked to post status. So I am starting this thread to monitor my progress.

    The track platform will be 10x22 on one leg and 12x20 on the other. Connected at a 30-degree angle so I will have to cut some of the AFX 45-degree curves to mate to the 30-degree section transition.

    The track will feature four lane AFX track with mostly 18/15-inch radius curves and long straights. The main being 27-feet in length. Will also have some technical sections. The attached photo is my second iteration. I need to allow space for a model railroad. I will bring the railroad into the infield to create a passenger drop off as a scenic element.

    The light boxes are on order and will feature Cree 2x4 LED troffers recessed in a drop ceiling "lightbox" that will be centered directly over the platform (same on the other 1:32 track). Once installed I will then assemble the wooden platform which will be a large plywood structure at ~36-inches in height. It will have lighted display cabinets along the visible areas for my slot car collection. I have many duplicate cars (HO and 1:32) that will never be run and will display them along the tracks. My diecast and plastic model collection will be in a separate cabinet along one wall.

    I will post progress over the build. So this will be a while...

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    interesting layout. that looks to be quite an undertaking!
    best of luck and keep us informed


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      the post is going to drive you nuts later on.
      cool layout.


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        curious, where are you located?


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          I am Eden, Utah. Left California July 2015. My house is on a mountainside so my garage is suspended. Meaning my Hobby Room is underneath the garage.


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            Good luck!!! Looks like a great layout. Are you future plans to landscape it?


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              Very nice, will be looking forward to the updates!


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                Oh yes. Both the HO and 1:32 platforms will be fully landscaped. The 1:32 will mostly be scratch built since not much is out there in that scale. Attached is a photo of the track we had back in late '60s. Had it until 1994 when my mom moved. My brother built layout and re-used all the heritage Aurora buildings.

                I just finished designing the display cabinets that will be part of the base for each platform. I also designed the large cabinet along one wall. Sheesh...I have a lot of stuff to display. Been collecting for over 15-years.

                Stay tuned...


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                  wow, color coded stools too! LOL
                  will be watching progress of the new tracks


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                    Holy cow. If the new track is anything like the old one, it's gonna be awesome!


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                      Light Box Phase 1

                      Phase 1 of the light boxes was completed today. You can see the 11-inch outer frames over the two platform areas.

                      The drop ceiling will be installed next. Then the fire sprinklers will have to be dropped lower so that the heads are flush with the drop ceiling. Then install the troffer lights and paint touch up.

                      I can tell the light from the temporary bulbs is more focused downward onto where the platforms will be built. I think this will be great lighting for the scenic tracks.

                      More to come...


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                        Wish I had that kind of room to to go crazy with a track build! Looks great!


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                          March 8 Update

                          Light boxes were completed today. They came out great. I was targeting 250-300 Lux at 34-inch platform height. I got 270L and very evenly distributed over the top surface.

                          They also dim way down with uniform color. I am using Cree LED TW series at 4100K color, 4000 lumen output, dimmable to 5% and 90 CRI.

                          Photos show drop ceiling grids being installed and final light boxes after painting.

                          The display cabinets that are part of the platform support are in work. Also the main cabinet against the wall. Also using LED strip lights along sides and tops for lighting. Also dimmable. Lots of wiring for these.

                          Lumber for platforms coming Friday (19-sheets of plywood!).

                          I'll continue to provide updates as I progress.

                          I am very happy with the overhead lights.


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                              lookin good Bonez!!!
                              have adoption papers cleared?