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  • Duel!

    The Valiant & tanker semi from the Spielberg movie Duel ... Classic!
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    • We have a wee-nar!
      ...and only 13 logins to post this!

      AFX Peterbilt parts, modifications started to the roof of the cab. Trailer is from 1970s Majorette rig, the trailer's tank shape is closer to what was used in "Duel," which was a late 1940s Fruehauf. There's an AFX bogey that will have to be adapted.

      (Parts collection for project photo)
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      • Weird that this happened again, and so similar to the previous discussion, but I snapped this up for $5.60 on ebay this week. Bit of chrome wear, but low use and all there. Nice 5 slot wheel lighted chassis common on the trucks. Came to life with a little brush tension adjustment. Fast bugger.

        Good deals still out there.


        • Fun Dodge Charger re-do and some great bargains to report, but way too tough to post with the re-login issues and now database errors.
          I miss this place.
          UPDATE: See post #171.
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          • I'll have too get going on posting that Charger I fixed up mentioned above, but in the meantime, I scored not one but TWO AFX Sears Super-Traction cars at the flea market.
            They're hammered, and the Super-Traction decals are gone, but the all-important lead weights are there. After a missing shoe, three shoe springs, and new rear tires, they're running great. The Lola had a lackluster armature I've also swapped out.
            I have one other Super-Traction, but it's a long wheelbase dragster so hard to gauge how well it performs vs. the standard wheelbase. I can say this now with certainty, the weight makes an absolutely noticeable improvement.
            Typical missing wing on the Lola, and some remnants of the adhesive from the Super -Traction decal on the Matador's hood. The Matador was also missing the front grill, but I had one handy (and it's the nicest thing on the car, cosmetically).

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            • So, I'm rebuilding this topic trying to reload or retake some of the missing photos lost in the forum migration.
              Mentioned a couple posts above, I've had this green Charger body in my parts bin for quite a while. It's got a crack in the roof and has had the window piece whittled down to just the windshield. It's loaded full of vintage decals and just needed bumpers as I'd cannibalized it for it's rear already. Fast forward to last November and I spotted a white one intact but with chopped wheel wells and mounts on eBay and got it cheap. As it turns out, it had a crazy fast Red Devil Magna-Traction chassis and all the parts I needed, so I transferred the bumpers, rear window, and chassis to the green one.
              The green one was someone's racer and it's good to get it back in shape.

              Fuzzy before photo. The white one looks jacked up, but the rear wheel wells are trimmed. The up-stop part of the mount is missing and the body quickly sinks and is loose.

              Charger resto.jpg

              ...and all done.

              Charger done rr.JPG
              Charger done.JPG
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              • Well, now onto the post I couldn't make last September. A complete G-Plus built from scratch.

                I found a pan with the shoe hangers and brush tubes in an unrelated box that must date back to when I lived in Ohio 20+ years ago. I'd acquired a G-Plus body in a small lot (with my "Duel" truck parts and a cool cop car body with radar gun) and coincidentally had the correct wing for it already.
                The bonus is that it's a bandit. Really a good running car.

                Surprise! Found it among non-slot car stuff.


                Into the parts stash to see what I have.


                Hacking down a Tyco TCR (Speed Steer clone) armature.


                Body and chassis parts.

                G4.jpg G3.jpg

                And, we have a complete car.

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                • Now to locate my Scre-e-echers and Super Magna-Traction/Variants topics and get those photos re-hosted. The search feature is almost useless here.


                  • I love this project. That Hunt F1 body was part of what made AFX so cool back in the day.

                    Any plans to put decals/stickers on it?


                    • I've looked trough my decal stash, which is not very big, and couldn't really find anything appropriate. I have some genuine 1960s model decals but they disintegrate if I try to use them.


                      • So here's something I finally revisited just last night. It came from my last trip to Florida a few years ago. I fixed all the cars my brother bought at a garage sale, took a few myself, and brought the remainder of the spare parts home.
                        Anyway, someone had soldered the crap out of this chassis pan but still no conductivity. I tried resetting the solder a couple years ago to no avail. Last night, I gave it another shot and removed what solder I could on one side, and some on the side that looked like it needed it. Whatever I did worked, and there were enough parts to build one complete chassis minus tires and one shoe spring. It's a hodge-podge of parts with an early tri-color armature, aftermarket aluminum wheels, and a Tough-Ones era body (that I had around, it was not part of the batch). Zippy, though, even with early magnets.

                        I like that someone worked on this 50 years ago and I finally finished it. Everything was wrapped in 1960s newspaper.

                        The completed chassis and remaining parts. Guide pin is visible in the front wheel well. There was one black one in the batch. The body was from that trip, but a separate flea market find.


                        The hack solder job rehacked by me. In bright light, hey, it looks like a silver Tough-Ones shoe on there, too. Aluminum wheel jam nuts visible.


                        EDIT. Found this matching aluminum front wheel set in my stash. Time to put it back in service.
                        If I can find my little jamb nut wrench, I can widen the stance a bit. Yes, it's missing a window post, but beggars may not be choosers.

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