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    F1 finals...

    The G final was a mix of three Mega-Gs and Andy Phillips' Super-G+. Neil led the first lap in yellow lane and then went on to win quite comfortably, despite a late off. Behind Neil, a great scrap developed between Aaron and Andy, the two swapping places and running very close. As the seconds ticked down, Aaron led through the line on the final lap, but Andy overtook through the twisty section, finishing a mere car-length ahead. Back in fourth was Corey, who saw the funny side of a nightmare evening. At least it's WHO Mod next month...

    Neil had a bad start in the F final and it was Alex who led away with his new Mega-G+. Terry then took the lead in the red club car and held a slender margin over the pursuing pack, Neil moving into second place at the halfway point. That turned into quite a battle - Neil slipping through into the lead, but failing to shake off Terry. The gap was just eighteen inches at the chequered flag. Alex was a lap back in third.

    Have won in yellow and white, Neil was handed blue lane in the E final. A crash at the chicane on the first lap didn't help Neil's chances of a third straight final win, but he held on to second in the early stages - Ash leading the way in the white club car. Ash was driving perfectly, but the gap was only a couple of seconds over a hard-charging John going into the final stages. On the very last lap, Neil came unstuck again in the chicane and took out the race leader, John swept past, took the win and was most apologetic about it. That's racing. Duncan was third - top (and only) Classic Cup runner in his Tyco.

    It was Keith who stormed away at the start of the all-Mega-G+ D final - John, Aiden and Rick hanging on as best they could. Keith was on a mission after a disappointing set of heats and no-one came close. John had to drive hard to hold off Aiden, especially in the closing stages - both of them enjoying their new Mega-G+ cars. Rick had a torrid time in that horrible chicane.

    There was another dominant display in red lane up in the C final. Mike had qualified his new Mega-G+ in sixth, just behind Stephen, and he drove beautifully to ease into the B final. Behind him, Keith fell away from a good start, leaving Tony and Hayley to take the fight to the leader. Neither came close and a good recovery from Keith meant he pipped Hayley to third right at the end.

    If everyone drove as well as they had in the heats, the B final was going to be a cracker. However, adrenaline took over and a scrappy opening few laps let Mike and Andy escape. Then, when Mike crashed out of white lane at the chicane, Andy was on his own in red lane. Simon fought back and was the closest pursuer, but nearly a lap back. A late drama for Andy closed the gap only very slightly, with Stephen in third and Mike fourth.

    The A final proved to be tense and exciting, especially after a restart. Mike got away from pole position, with Ned and Andy swapping places - mostly when Ned crashed. Deborah was never far behind. Mike was having to drive hard to pull out a decent lead. He eventually lapped Andy, only to crash twice and fall back, putting himself under more pressure than was entirely necessary. As the chequered flag fell, Mike took the win, Andy was second and on the same lap, Ned just half a lap back and Deborah less than a third of a lap behind Ned. A close one, with absolutely no room for error.

    Huge congratulations to Mike D on another impressive win from pole-position, an evening he found particularly tough, but enjoyable. There's still life in that old Mega-G yet. Ned was top junior and also set the fastest lap. Duncan took the Classic Cup points and Terry the Rookie points.

    Big thanks to Mike McCann on a great track choice and for running race control so well. Thanks also to everyone who came along and made it another excellent evening at the Barn, especially to those wonderful people who came early to set up and stayed late to pack away at the end.


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      And here's the video...


      This and all our videos can be found on the Worthing HO Racing YouTube Channel


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        Great video!.. Just want to say again, how much better the
        extension to 1-1/2 minutes is... At least, for me...

        My Ex was pulling for Deborah (that's her name, too)... So, she'll
        be disappointed to learn she didn't win, but happy with her 3rd place)...



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          We're racing tonight...

          We're back at the Barn tonight for some WHO Modified mayhem...

          Will Deborah make another A final appearance?

          More later...


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            'English Martyrs', huh?

            You can only hope that Deborah arrives, to lighten things up.


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              Forty of them, apparently...

              That's sort of why we call it 'The Barn'... has a slightly less macabre ring to it

              According to that well-known online encyclopedia, "The Forty Martyrs of England and Wales are a group of Catholic men and women executed for treason and related offences between 1535 and 1679. Many were sentenced to death at show trials, or with no trial at all."

              It's all here.


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                Some great racing tonight...

                It was a cracking night of racing at the Barn and I must say that the 'A' final will live long in the memory. Simon's superb track design had a lot to do with the excitement, as did some new and very quick Viper cars.

                The results, report and video will follow tomorrow, probably...


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                  And here's the...

                  Race Report - WHO Mod - 5 April 2017

                  After a couple of half-hearted attempts during March, Spring finally sprung on the very day of our April WHO Mod race. Nobody had told the church's central heating system, so the Barn was rather toasty.

                  The action on the track was pretty hot too. Some tweaks to their Vipers had brought alive both Keith's and Tony's cars. John's car was rapid on its debut in January, but a nudge from Mike D to change the resistor board on his controller was a revelation.

                  Everyone was loving Simon's fast and flowing layout, with switchbacks, fly-overs and both of the reverse-radius Dadson curves. Not everyone liked yellow lane, but I have to say that I enjoyed it as much as the others. It was another hundred-foot-plus track too, so a big thanks to those who helped set it up in plenty of time.

                  Everyone pushed hard in the heats. Right from the off, Keith was a couple of laps per heat ahead of everyone else. Best of the rest was Mike D, followed by a gaggle of fast guys lead by John, with Corey, Ned and Tony close behind.

                  There were no big changes through the second half of qualifying and the order for the finals was straightforward - a group of the quickest Vipers, a gap to assorted Mods and then a further gap to the Tuners. There would certainly be good battles for the win, top junior medal and for the Tuners win. Terry was guaranteed top Rookie status.

                  To be continued...
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                    WHO Mod Finals

                    The F final was a three-way face-off between the Tuners of Simon and Terry, with Daniel's very rough sounding Mod Super-G thrown in. Not only did Daniel's car sound terrible, it was slow - although he had qualified ahead of the other two. Daniel crashed at the first corner and crashed again and again as he tried to catch up. Simon's Tyco crashed a bit too and Daniel had nearly caught him by the end, but out front and keeping the white club car in the groove was Terry. It was his first win in a WHO final, we think, and an emphatic win at that.

                    Terry moved up to yellow in the E final. Every step-up tonight would be a move into yellow. It really wasn't that bad, surely? Terry did struggle and gave up before the end. That left an immense battle between Hayley and Rick for the WHO Tuners win and Andy Phillips the chance of a final win with his Mod Turbo. Although Rick was the early leader, Andy had slipped through by the halfway point and Hayley was up into second. The race settled down with Andy stretching his lead and Rick hunting down Hayley's Super-G. It looked like Hayley had just done enough, yet Rick somehow managed to get by on the final lap. Rick upheld Skelt family honour with the all-important Tuners victory, the news cheering up Duncan on his sick-bed.

                    Andy's reward for his win was yellow lane in the D final. He was up against the off-colour Vipers of Deborah and Neil, plus Aiden's G3. Andy's chances were scuppered by a popped rear axle early on, but he soldiered on. Ahead of him, Neil and Deborah had a good old fight for a while, until Neil moved away and set the sort of score - 18 laps - he'd managed in his last two heats. Deborah faded and her score was a little down on her heats - and it was the same for Aiden too. The youngster had four very consistent scores in qualifying, any of which would have been enough to beat Deborah for second and maybe even challenge Neil for the win. Transforming good heat scores into a good final score is the key to a perfect evening.

                    The C final featured a Viper, a Super-G, and Mega-G and Turbo - all of them Mods, although two had hard bodies. Andy Player had qualified his Audi Mega-G top, but binned it in the first corner - a mistake he repeated two laps later. It was the two McCanns - Mike and Stephen - who battled hard for the lead, with father ahead of the son to begin with. It settled down to a very good race, with Neil showing that a good performance was possible in yellow lane - he would set the best score of all the finals in yellow, although that was only enough for fourth place.

                    Andy recovered to eventually move into second ahead of Mike and a lap behind Stephen. Andy unlapped himself, but time was running out. Stephen had the race under control... Until a late off into race control returned him about three yards ahead of Andy, who threw caution to wind in the dying seconds. Going into what would be the final two corners just a foot behind, Andy braked too deep, crashed out and that was game over.

                    And what was Stephen's reward (apart from the sweet satisfaction of beating both his dad and Andy)? Yes, yellow lane in the B final. Whatever lane he was in, he was up against three very quick Vipers and three former WHO Mod race winners. And it was Corey, Ned and Tony who led the way, with Stephen quickly losing touch. It was close at the front, but Corey was driving beautifully and eased out a comfortable lead over Ned, who was just about holding off Tony. That's how it stayed until the end, all three drivers doing a faultless job. It was great to watch.

                    The A final was mouth-watering and lived up to the hype. Corey had obviously got some tips from his dad about driving a good race in yellow. He did a decent job, albeit a few laps back from the others, and he'd already beaten Ned for the junior medal. The expected battle between pole-sitter Keith and WHO top-dog Mike D failed to materialise, with Mike's G3 off the pace of both Keith and John's Vipers. Last year's Mod champ also had one of his occasional error-strewn races.

                    Up front, it was a spectacular tussle between Keith and John. Both had offs, with marshals getting them back on track quickly and John leading at the halfway stage by about half a lap. Although Keith did manage to chip away at the lead, an off with half a minute to go dropped him back to nearly a lap behind John. A valiant effort closed the gap again, yet John was where he wanted to be - in control of the race - and as the chequered flag dropped, his winning margin was half a lap.

                    It has been a while (October 2013) since John won a WHO Mod race, but it definitely felt as if the three-time WHO Mod champ was back were he belongs. He has a blisteringly fast Viper, so it will take something special to dislodge him from top step on the podium. Congratulations also go to Corey on his junior medal win and it's Corey who now sits second - behind John - in the WHO Mod championship, with Keith third. The title will go to one of those three, I reckon.

                    Thanks to everyone who took part in another excellent evening at the Barn. Watching Daniel and Stephen running race control so effortlessly, it's alarming to think that they'll both be going off to university in the autumn. They'd better start training up some replacements quick!


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                      The video...

                      For YouTube copyright reasons, the video is only available on facebook this time...


                      You don't have to be signed up to facebook to watch the video, although you will need to click the 'not now' option to get rid on an annoying pop-up window.


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                        Next up at the Barn...

                        We're back at the Barn next Wednesday for the second of our AFX Endurance Championship team races...

                        There has been plenty of online publicity aimed at the Easter holidays family-fun angle, so fingers-crossed we'll see some new young racers again. And there's been an 'in brief' article in the local paper with a picture of the winning team from February... but I'll need to get down the library to take a closer look.

                        These races are celebrating the return of AFX to Europe and we race the wonderful Peugeot 908 LMP cars. It made sense that the first race was on a layout inspired by Le Mans. This second race is on an American circuit, as a nod to the American base of Steve and his team at Racemasters...

                        Austin is a fair drive from Reno, but we liked the track - and at least it is on the same continent


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                          An unexpected 2-hour race...

                          Just fourteen of us this time, but that meant we could run a full two-hour race with the four teams having thirty minutes on each lane. Everyone agreed it was brilliant fun.

                          There will be more tomorrow


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                            Here's the race report...

                            AFX Endurance Championship team race - Wednesday 19 April 2017

                            The second round of the AFX endurance championship was very different from the first race in February. A sunny Wednesday, just after the long Easter weekend, and with lots of regulars busy with holiday activities meant we were just half the number of racers. Every cloud has a silver lining - the fourteen drivers were split into four teams and the race was doubled in length from the usual sixty minutes to two full hours. The teams would run for thirty minutes on each lane.

                            The Circuit of the Americas layout was a big one and had a huge variety of challenges for the drivers, which really suited the WHO Mega-G+ club cars and their wonderful AFX Peugeot Le Mans Prototype bodies. We were all set for the big Easter race...

                            Segment one: 0-30 minutes

                            Right from the off some things were clear. With a big track and each marshal covering several corners, staying on the track would be key. It also looked like the middle two lanes - red and blue - were the best lanes, but it might just be the performance in yellow and white that would be the difference between winning and losing. None of that was exactly rocket science, but how the teams put that knowledge into practice is what's important.

                            First in red lane were Oliver's Army - Oliver joined by Simon, Mike and Terry. They certainly put the hammer down, but the Three Amigos - Ryan, Andy and Neil - matched them lap for lap for most of the half-hour session, before dropping back a little at the end and finishing eleven laps adrift. Blue lane certainly had some tricky points, especially the short shoot to turn twelve, coming off the main long straight. The Three Amigos wouldn't be the only team to have problems there.

                            Sixteen laps back were 'You're Putting Me Off', with Corey, Duncan and Jamie having a difficult first half hour in white lane. Fourteen laps behind them Aaron, Tony and Stephen - Team 'Stop Distracting Me!' - had clearly been distracted on yellow lane. Theirs was the worst score of any team on any lane all evening...

                            Segment two: 30-60 minutes

                            This was the opportunity for the top two to maintain their momentum and for the others to redeem themselves after a tricky start. The lap times were certainly tumbling. Ryan had won the race in February and was determined to show it was no fluke. Although the youngest of all the racers, he was confident of his strategy and not shy to tell his more senior Amigos what to do. The team really hit their stride in red lane, scoring a massive 230 laps and giving themselves a thirty-three lap lead over Oliver's Army. They had finished the two middle lanes and now had to defend that lead in the gutters. Would it be enough?

                            Oliver, Simon, Mike and Terry had certainly done a more than decent job in yellow lane, their 186 laps putting them in second, twelve and a half laps ahead of Corey, Duncan and Jamie. If the Three Amigos had to worry about a challenge, it was probably 'You're Putting Me Off' they had their eyes on. A big score of 200 laps on blue set them up nicely with red still to come. And 'Stop Distracting Me!' weren't completely out of it. They had both red and blue to come - and they'd be joined by Keith for the final hour, after a late finish at work. However, two sub-optimal scores in the gutter lanes had left them nearly eight-seven laps behind the leaders. A big hill to climb.

                            Segment three: 60-90 minutes

                            I did say that it would be teams' performances in the gutters that might win the race... The Three Amigos pulled out 197 laps in yellow, coming second in the half-hour segment to 'You're Putting Me Off'. The gap between the two - twenty-eight laps - was important, but it was probably the Three Amigos who were happiest. That gave them an eighteen lap lead, with both teams ending on a gutter lane, the Amigos on white and YPMO on yellow. Barring big disasters and even bigger miracles, that would be the race for the win.

                            Oliver's Army had a second solid half-hour on the gutters, but would have it all to do in blue. Behind them, 'Stop Distracting Me!' continued to struggle. Now over a hundred laps back from the leaders and sixty-seven laps adrift of third place, they really had nothing to lose and could have a fun run in red lane for the final thirty minutes..

                            Segment: 90-120 minutes

                            With that gap between the top two at eighteen laps, the first ten minutes would be vital. Neil went first for the Three Amigos, up against his son Corey. Neil was immediately in the groove, leading the first few laps until 'Stop Distracting Me!' found their rhythm in red. Neil pulled out a few laps lead over Corey, until a dodgy couple of minutes allowed Corey to peg him back. The two lanes - yellow on the inside, white on the outside - had their tricky bits on different parts of the circuit, so racing each other was fraught with danger. But with the win a stake, both teams were going hard at each other.

                            Neil handed over to Ryan with a four lap lead. Corey handed over to Jamie. It remained cat and mouse for another ten minutes. Ryan was certainly under pressure and apart from his own dodgy couple of minutes when he lost a little concentration, he held his nerve superbly. At the final hand-over, the Three Amigos led by three laps in the segment and twenty-one laps overall.

                            Duncan was quick out of the traps for 'You're Putting Me Off' and shaved some time out of Andy, who had the luxury of being able to ease himself into white lane. When things settled down, they were lapping on a very similar pace. Andy began to find extra speed in white lane and Duncan just wasn't going to give up. However, as Duncan pushed, yellow lane punished him and a string of offs - one of them big - dropped him back another couple of laps each time. It was a valiant effort, but the margin at the end was fourteen laps, thirty-two laps overall.

                            Although all eyes were on the battle for the race win, the winners of the final segment were 'Stop Distracting Me!' with a massive 230 laps on red lane, all but matching the Three Amigos' best score of the evening. Finally things came good for Aaron's team and they finished a mere fourteen laps behind Oliver's Army after Oliver's team had a tricky final stint in blue.

                            And that was the race...

                            Huge congratulations to the Three Amigos, especially to Ryan on a second successive AFX Endurance Championship win and a perfect 320 points on the championship table. Ryan went home with an AFX T-shirt, an Easter egg, AFX stickers, a Circuit of the Americas sticker and a WHO winners medal. That's quite a haul of loot! Thanks to a recently-arrived package from AFX HQ in Reno, we have a box of AFX prizes and everyone went home with some stickers. It being the Easter team race, a chocolate egg also went to each of the captains, plus one to Stephen for running race control so perfectly. We don't want any of our younger racers experiencing chocolate-withdrawal symptoms...

                            Sure, it was an unexpectedly different evening at the Barn, but the long race on the big track was brilliant. Massive thanks to everyone who came early to set up and who stayed late to pack away. Next up for the AFX Endurance Championship is a heats and finals 'sprint' race on Wednesday 16 August, running on a layout inspired by Fuji in Japan. It might just be crucial in deciding the championship.


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                              And here's a video...



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                                We're racing tonight...