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Missed yaw.

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  • Missed yaw.

    Hey SCI, I am back home in Jax, Fl. Got kicked out of the race room, and had 2 set up in the carport. I forgot how to upload pics... Need a friendly reminder, I think I used some app, but that was about 3 tablets and 4 phones ago.... whatever I used allowed me to post full sized pics. Thanks for the help.

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    If you are looking for instructions on how to post pictures it would be helpful if you said what sort of device you intended to use. I normally use a desktop or laptop PC. A smartphone or tablet would use a different procedure. It is better to limit the size of the pictures that you want to post, most of the time 1000 pixels wide is plenty big enough. If you have enough posts you can upload pictures to your album on this BB and link them to your posts. I usually prefer to upload pictures to Photobucket or Flickr and link to them there. I have written articles for PC users on how to do that and those are available on Google Drive. For smartphone and tablet users I know that there is a app for uploading pictures to Photobucket, once you have done that the instructions in my article should work.


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      It was Photobucket. . thanks buddy.


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        You have your own photo storage right here, too. Look in your profile.

        ...and the southerners will be aghast at your misappropriation of "y'all!"


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          Welcome back T.