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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for advice with controllers. I've almost got my track ready to race. I have two kids, 5 and 7 who will be using the track most of the time with their friends. We have 4 controllers. 2 Parma plus controllers with 90ohm resistors, one Adjustable AFX controller (25-70Ohm's I believe) and one stock grey Tomy controller (70 Ohms?). We run AFX magnatraction, old G-plus, Autoworld 4 gear and their version of magnatraction, Tomy super G-plus, and one or two Mega G-plus cars. We haven't tried any of the newer Mega G-plus cars, as they require 120 Ohm controllers.

    Ideally I want to have all 4 lanes using comparable controllers and cars so that the kids can switch lanes without having to get used to a controller with different resistance all the time.

    We usually leave the power supply at 15 volts. It's an adjustable regulated laptop power supply with 2amps of current powering all 4 lanes.

    The two Parma controllers with 90 ohm resistors work very well. The adjustable AFX controller is like an on-off switch with the faster cars even at the higher resistance rating. The stock Tomy controller is OK, somewhere in between.

    I think to make the cars drivable, I need to pick up 2 more controllers that have the power band of the 90 Ohm parmas.

    Should I consider the newer Tomy 120 ohm controllers? Will my older cars drive well with them?

    Are the newer Mega G-plus cars derivable with my Parma 90ohm controllers? Or would I have to buy 4 new ones? Parma isn't making controllers any longer, as I understand it. Are there any other options I should consider? I don't want to invest in 4 of the newer Mega G-plus cars if I have to use controllers that won't let me drive my older cars. I would like to keep the price down too, which pretty much excludes 4 electronic controllers.

    So many options to consider! I've attached a pic of our layout. The driver stations are hidden along one side underneath. There's a single direction switch for all 4 lanes. Thanks for all your help in advance!

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    You will be OK at that voltage with the 120Ω units, but my advice would be to buy four Truspeed BPII controllers, and go for future-proofing yourself.


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      If you are going to run multiple types of cars (Tyco, RT, SRT, SG+, MG, MG+, etc.) you will probably need at least two sets of controllers. I have found (and others very well may have different opinions), the MG+ needs at least a 90 ohm to run well. I like a 45 ohm for MG cars, have heard others like that for SG+ as well. At 120 ohm the MG+ will run well, the MG will be less responsive. At 45 the MG+ will act more like an on/off switch, the MG will run well. There are lots of controllers out there, some reasonable in cost, others quite expensive (especially when you are buying 4). The AFX 120 ohm controller work ok (the newer ones are better then the older ones), but they are not near as comfortable as a bigger unit. The Parma economy were great, unfortunately they are not available except on auction sites. Hope my rambling helps a little anyway.



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        Truspeed BPII controllers at $75 each looks like a good deal, but it is only for positive gate tracks
        not sure how much shipping will be to the USA?

        But controllers like this are the best bet.


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          I looked at the Truspeed BPII controllers, and I don't think they'll work for me. I live in Canada, so with the exchange rate, that comes to $100 per controller before taxes and shipping. If I go that route, I'll have to find a new wife. The one I've got right now lets me play with slot cars so I think I'd like to keep her.

          Also, I have a universal track direction switch between my power supply and the controllers, and I don't think I can use electronic controllers with this wiring?

          I think I'm considering two different options; the first would be to take a chance that the 120 Ohm standard AFX controllers would drive most of my cars well for the kids and buy 2 of those. The second would be to order 2 Parma Plus controllers (I think they're still available?) and two 90 ohm resistors for those. The second choice is more expensive. But all my current cars should run well. The first choice is cheaper, but might not work as well for my current cars. And if I ever decide to try the newer Mega G plus cars, my old Parma Plus controllers would likely not drive them very well at only 90 ohms? Then I'd have to buy 2 more 120 ohm controllers...


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            Hence suggesting you buy the Truspeeds, your domestic issue notwithstanding as I was not aware of it.

            I'm going to be in Canada in December, happy to bring them over and ship them to ya.
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              I've driven the AFX Mega G+ cars with a 90 ohm controller and it seems fine to me. Maybe pick one up and try it with your 90 ohm controllers. If the cars you have listed above is what you will be using for the foreseeable future you most reliable and economic choice is the Parma controllers with 90 ohm resistors.


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                Originally posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
                You will be OK at that voltage with the 120Ω units, but my advice would be to buy four Truspeed BPII controllers, and go for future-proofing yourself.

                Hi Nico, what is the ohm adjustment range on this controller?


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                  If budget's an issue...
                  I use old Aurora 60 ohm controllers for everything and have won many a race against pro controllers. They work just fine with modern Super G+ and Mega Gs.
                  They're cheap, and plentiful. $5-$15 usually, and often found in inexpensive lots. Easy to have 6 on hand in case one unravels.
                  I run 18-20 volts.

                  Sure you get a little more range with a higher resistance, but how slow do you want to go?
                  Start young learning to control the car, not letting the controller do it for them. Kids have amazing eye/hand coordination.


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                    DS Controller

                    You may want to look into the DS range of controllers. They have 35, 45, 55, and 120 ohm models available for $40 each. Better quality than the Parma economy model. Home set controllers are of inferior quality and may not hold up.


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                      Thanks for all your advice everyone. I really appreciate it. And thanks Nico for offering to bring those electronic controllers to this side of the pond.

                      I've placed an order for two more Parma Plus controllers and 90 Ohm resistors. Then all my controllers will be the same, and the kids won't fight over the "best" controller.

                      I may give a new Mega-G plus chassis a try on these controllers, to see if they'll work ok. But if they're designed for 120 Ohm's they might be too twitchy for the kids with 90 ohm resistors. I've got lots of older Turbo, Super G-plus and other chassis for the kids to race. And really I think the most fun chassis for me right now are my older Magna-traction and G-plus cars.


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                        Hope it works out, and have fun.


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                          AFX Mega G+ cars do not have as much punch as the Mega G's did. I did try several Mega G+ cars at 18.5 volts and a 90 ohm controller works just fine, I could also use a 60 ohm controller with no problems, but at 45 ohms the controller was too touchy. At 24 volts, which is about what you would have with a TriPower power pack in the Expert setting, a Mega G+ car was undrivable. I do not have any 120 ohm controllers to try.


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                            At 15 volts, a 90 ohm controller will work fine with the MegaG+ cars. The only cars that might get to feeling too sluggish would be some of the X-Traction UltraGs and definitely the AutoWorld Super III cars.


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                              I've had basically the same results as Rich D. I'm currently using an 85 ohm controller (at 24 volts) to drive a Mega G+ car on a medium/large track and it is workable as an experienced driver. But they won't keep up with their predecessors on the very big track (straights of 12 feet or longer) even at 24 volts. At the end of the 24 foot main straight, I'm down at least a full two feet. That's way too much to give up each lap, and that's just one of 3 or 4 other long straights. No amount of driving skill or twisty bits will be enough to win back that big of a loss every lap. The Mega G+ chassis is very smooth and driveable but just doesn't have the rocket like punch off the corners their older cousins are packing. On the tighter circuits I have been able to give the earlier AFX inline types good competition, but I need to get that 120 ohm controller assembled to really drive away from them in the corners!
                              By the way, that's a nice little track you've built for your family. Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)

                              Just a quick point - experimenting with different gearing may help out the situation, but the club I run these cars with requires that stock factory gear sets be used. -- E