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looking for help with some TYCO paperwork

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  • looking for help with some TYCO paperwork

    Hey Guys and Gals !

    I am looking for some help finding someone who has the paperwork for a TYCO "California GT" set . I have one unintelligible page I got off of the net but am hoping to find someone who has a set they can copy or scan and send to me . I want to include it in a set we are going to auction for charity .

    Thanks in advance to all who have taken the time to read this and to anyone who might be able to help .


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    Popular set. I had one. It was also sold as the "Ferrari GT," so if you just need it for the track layout, they're identical, and the paperwork should be.
    It might still be at my parent's house in Ohio, but I'm nowhere near there, darn it.

    Since time is of the essence, I'd edit the topic title. Edit, then Go Advanced.
    "Need Tyco California GT/Ferrari GT paperwork for charity auction!" Might get someone's attention who has it.

    I'm going to search eBay, see if I can find one.
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      I found a decent one on line. There were a few, this was the best. I saved it, sharpened, brightened it up, and cropped it, and can email you that file if you PM me.
      At least they'd have the track layout.

      Here's the unedited version.

      Do a shoe adjustment, lubricate the cars, and maybe put a set of Super Tires on them.
      Might as well make them as good as they can be. Nobody in this touchscreen world will think to do any of those things.


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        That TYCO set was originally called the EMPIRE 1000, and I still think it's one of the coolest two lane layouts to come in a box and fit on a 4 x 8 foot table - and that's coming from a die hard AURORA guy! I just picked one up from one of my vendors at my most recent LI Toy Car TRIFECTA show earlier this month. Can't wait to set it up and race some Aurora TJets with small slip on silicones. Should be FUN! I'll have to look to see if the paperwork is complete in the box - my set is the one labeled California GT.

        Success to your charitable endeavor... Ernie :>)


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          Good deal.
          I'd forgotten about the Empire 1000 set. It dates back to the Curvehuggers. Setup instructions will be identical. Car tuneup info will vary.
          Hopefully you can scan your Cal' GT paper.

          Yeah, my brother and I pooled our money for a California GT set and were thrilled that we finally had a plentiful alternative to our 1970s AFX track with tons of broken tabs.
          The tabs are cast hollow and are prone to breaking no matter how careful you are.

          You'll like running on Tyco track. Lowest rail height of any.
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            Originally posted by JimDouglasJr View Post
            You'll like running on Tyco track. Lowest rail height of any.
            For real? I thought TYCO was supposed to be one of the highest rail heights

            I can't find it now of course, but I thought I had seen a rail height chart for all types of sectional track somewhere, and TOMY was the lowest, followed by TYCO, with Life-Like taking the crown for tallest. I'll poke around and see what I can dig up.


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              Spec sheets vs. real world?

              I have Thunderjet, original AFX, Tomy AFX, and Tyco track.
              Hands down the lowest rails are on the Tyco. It's 1970s and 1980s era.

              Worst: LifeLike. I gave a set to a friend and he was wearing out shoes like crazy.
              Took some of mine over and my front tires didn't even touch. I set up most of my cars with just a couple millimeters of shoe travel on my Tyco track.


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                Rail Height Comparisons...

                Evaluating HO Slot Car Track Rails - YouTube

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                  Excellent vid, thanks for posting that.



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                    He talks mostly about magnetic force. Obviously a consideration, but when trying to get your cars lower for center of gravity, it becomes an even bigger issue. I suppose we do both for nearly the same reasons.

                    Looks like he's confirming what I said above for the brands I have had access to. I just eyeballed it vs. shoe adjustment and used my ears. Taller rails push the front of the shoe up. Lower rails let the front of the shoe down.
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                      Hey man - PM me.
                      I have the paperwork you need and I was going to photocopy it for myself, so I'll make an extra set for you and hit you with the snail mail, I'll pay the postage being as it's for a charitable cause. I've decided to use Tomy/AFX track to duplicate the TYCO circuit, so I'll be selling the California GT set complete with the original paperwork enclosed in the box, less the cars, which I don't have.
                      Anyone ever notice that all the turns but one or two are to the left? I'm going to use a pair of 9" straight lane changers just to even things up a bit, as I'll be running small tire original Aurora TJets on the track anyway.
                      Should be FUN!! -- Ernie:>)
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                        EXCELLENT. I already send a terrible one from online of just the layout, so have been in touch. I'll send him a PM and email to allert him.


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                          Fresh clean black and white prints on their way via USPS priority mail as of 9 am this morning.
                          Good luck with the fundraiser! -- Ernie :>)


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                            You rock.

                            I keep meaning to comment further on rail height and clarify.
                            The low rails I've commented on are for the mid-1970s/1980s era stuff with the overlapping push together connection system.
                            I don't know what the earlier stuff is like, or if Mattel kept up the quality.


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                              Durf - Please check the PM I sent you today. Thanks, Ernie :>)