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So I was "adjusting" a Torino body

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  • So I was "adjusting" a Torino body

    I was just trying to bring it down just a little bit. (Really, I was.) Just enough to take some daylight out from between the fenders and the tires. (Seriously!) And I went a bit too far. Oh well, no going back. Cut it some more and put a skinny tire chassis under it instead.


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    Works for me.


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      You can always build up with tiny washers.


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        Sounds like my carpentry skills. Measure twice and still cut twice!


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          If you'd quit running with scissors ....
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            You can always build up with tiny washers
            or glue or melted plastic


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              Scott, the car looks great (like an Aurora Torino) set up that way. Slip some of those nice black T-Jet size silicones from Super Tires on the rear wheels and I guarantee you'll love drivin' it that way. If you like the ribbed sidewall look, you can buy the appropriate tire from Jel Claws (synthetic rubber) and still get good performance (#2031).

              In my personal "street car" runner box I've got an original Aurora Torino in white with red side stripes, running original aj's ribbed sidewall black silicone tires (#025), mounted when it was new. Be sure not to tighten the body mount screws 100%, allow just a bit of wiggle in the body and it will drive much better.

              The cool thing is that we can still buy more of these AW bodies to modify as we please.
              Enjoy your cool black FORD muscle car! -- Ernie :>)
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                OMG Ernie,you keep your personal cars in a box! Let me out... You must be way older than me if you have AJ's ribbed tires? I never even seen those sold in my time! Plus you know the # for them,incredible! Maybe I can order some? (lol)


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                  Yeah, well... I made a habit of buying a pair of the appropriate size aj's silicones for every new Thunderjet and AF/X car I purchased, once they became available. And yes, I do have a small stash of original aj's T-Jet #025 "Falcons", #007 (fits Aurora Hot Rod wheels), and AF/X #003 "Black Cats silicone tires (all black) for my personal use, but unfortunately not enough to offer any for sale. I kick myself for having sold a full card of the #003 Black Cats at a show a few years back, regardless of the price the customer had paid. I later found they were working very well mounted on my Magna-Traction NASCAR style stockers, which we were running a series on a large Max Traxx high speed oval. They of course perform well on sectional plastic track, for which they were originally developed.
                  You may find some of the same tires here and there at slot car shows or on the old REH parts rack in some hobby stores. I have found that these "second generation" aj's, which to my knowledge were not produced by Twinn-K, just aren't quite the same compound as the original series tires. They're not junk, just different - and I prefer the original compound.
                  Fortunately for all of us, we have great products from Super Tires, Jel Claws, and other contemporary after market manufacturers to select from to get great performance out of our vintage HO slot cars.

                  Hope this helps you to find some good "rubber" for your favorite racers. Enjoy! -- Ernie :>)


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                    Hey Ernie,I too have a small stash left from my "childhood days". Maybe a few more sets as well from Hobby Store raids that had old stock years ago. Have not used any in years and may be a bit afraid to? Even though most are still sealed in packages. Do you think they have a long term shelf life? Guess I should start finding out that answer myself?

                    I have some Black Cats,Golden Falcons,Red Devil,ones. As well as a few unmarked sets. I also have some sets of "mystery tires" I found. They are white and look like Tyco Pro but are not that. They are wider and not as tall. They come from a card that looks to have had a checkered background. Maybe an old Twinn KK card? I can take some pics for historical sake if anyone is interested.


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                      MAN!! -- I just wasted a good 40 min. typing a detailed reply and the site trashed it - it's gone.
                      Sorry, I'll have to what until later to try again - I don't even have a copy of it!

                      Must've logged in well over 20 times while working on it, too. ARGHHH!! -- E


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                        Just reading over this thread again, and I realized that I never did get back to you.

                        Please - after everything gets sorted out here, and we know it will - PM me and remind me to get back to you with all that information.

                        Wishing the entire crew here at SCI well in coming to terms with all they're dealing with.
                        And thanks for all the FUN we've had here in the past. -- Ernie :>)