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    Recently I received an e-mail from Google Drive concerning an article on the early T-Dash cars that I had done several years ago. I presume that the sender had tried a link that he found in one of my posts that was no longer working. I update my articles frequently and I sometimes remove the older ones, in this case he was looking for revision 3, but I am up to revision 8, so 3 is long gone. There was a return address included in the e-mail that I got from Google Drive, but when I tried to reply that bounced back. For the benefit of that person and anyone else that might be interested here is a link to the latest version of the article:
    I should note that the issues that often needed to be dealt with concerning the first generation of T-Dash cars have been corrected with the 2nd generation cars. I suppose that I need to issue a 9th revision of the article that includes that disclaimer.
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    New Version

    Here is an updated version of the article: