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X-Traction UltraG Release 26 Chassis Change

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  • X-Traction UltraG Release 26 Chassis Change

    The gear on the bottom rear of the plate -- the gear that meshes with the crown gear on the axle -- has been changed to have 12 teeth instead of 14. In my opinion, this change wasn't needed at all. The X-Traction UltraG chassis handled great in, through, and out of turns as long as the front axle was straight -- which in my experience isn't very often on cars from the factory. A bent axle will cause deslots in the turns. I sure hope they didn't change the gear ratio to help with deslot problems caused by bent axles!
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    I believe that the gear ratio was changed when the UltraG cars with the added neo traction magnet came out. The extra drag caused by that magnet probably caused the cars to bog down if they had the 14 tooth drive pinion. In my opinion adults would be better off without the neo magnet and in that case the larger drive pinion would be the way to go. The cars with the added magnet are great for kids however.


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      According to this recent review, the change was made in this release...

      It was the Thunderjet UltraG gear ratio that was changed several years ago to reduce acceleration deslots.
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        Wouldn't Aurora be tickled that their chassis have been not only reproduced, but improvements made all these years later?
        Notice nobody's bothered to do the Tyco Curvehuggers...


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          Oops. Double post with no way to delete.
          I suppose I could add that "improvements" is subjective. We could replace that with "modifications."
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