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DASH Killer Bee Ceramic (ground ferrite) Magnets

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  • DASH Killer Bee Ceramic (ground ferrite) Magnets

    As stated on various Facebook threads the new DASH Killer Bee Ceramic (ground ferrite) Magnets are legal for the 2020 Fray in Ferndale and the 2020 Quarrel.

    The colors are yellow (formerly blue) and black (formerly white). Availability mid to late August 2019.

    Per Dan Cashmer These will be available from the Dash store to ANYONE. They are NOT a Dash Customer Group only item.

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    More information on these magnets would be useful. The original Dash blue/white magnets were good for about 950 gauss by my measurements, that is a bit higher than Johnny Lightning/Auto World magnets making them the strongest T-Jet type ceramic magnets, except for the old Aurora Super II magnets. Super II magnets are all over the place, but I have a few sets that measure 1100 gauss. I noticed that the magnets in the latest Dash chassis that I tested were about 650 gauss. I am guessing that the Killer Bee yellow/black magnets will be the same strength as the original Dash magnets.