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    Hey Madd,

    We ran on your track this past Wednesday night. Fantastic! Really enjoyed running on it.


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      Glad you enjoyed it. What cars did you run?


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        Sorry for the slow response. Just saw this. We ran the new BSRT Pro-Jet cars. Looking forward to trying some other cars on it.


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          Its a great G-Jet and I-Jet track. Might be a bit tight for anything above superstock. You are on a journey of discovery.


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            That was out thought. I think it will also be very enjoyable for pancake cars.


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              Originally posted by Maddman View Post
              Recently I delivered my home track to Lenjet raceway. Had a chance to turn a few laps on their 1/24th hill climb track with a retro car with a M-Magic "S". It performed well and I was able to turn a very good lap. The brake circuit wasn't up to the task but that didn't hurt that much as the retro cars like a bit of roll as opposed to whoa. The power circuit was more than up to the task.
              I've used my M-Magic S with modern analog 1/32 cars on a beautiful routed and braided track and it's great for that. I didn't push the limits of braking as the track is a nice flowing course where throwing out the anchor is not desirable.

              This is a very versatile controller.



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                Rick (RJ-Jet) Jocham took T.Q. and won the vintage T-Jet race at the HOPRA Nationals by four laps using one of my controllers. Earlier this year Rick took the FRAY Individual title using the same controller. Rick almost made it three for three but finished a close second at the Quarrel. While I was at Len Jet raceway I tried running a retro 1/24th car using my controller. The brakes were weak as expected The power transistor circuit was more than up for the job. Despite the brake issue I was able to turn a very good time with the car.

                Unfortunately moving to Iowa will prevent me from making any controllers for the rest of this year. If things slow down in 2019 I can get back to work! Watch this space for an announcement of the 2019 build.

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                  2019 Controler Build

                  I have decided to do a 2019 build of thirty controllers featuring the one-turn trigger pot. They will be built in three groups of ten. I will start accepting orders on April 1, 2019.

                  Last year the Prototype one-turn controller was at Lenjet raceway for the HOPRA nationals. Following the nationals the design was changed to improve reliability and sensitivity. The prototype was updated and has been sent to Arizona for more testing. To date the feedback received on the one-turn design is excellent.

                  Watch this site for more details.


                  The one and only Maddman
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                    April 17, 2019

                    I will open the list for the 2019 M-Magic S controller build at 12 Noon (12:00 Hours) on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. I have set up a new e-mail address for the list. The e-mail address is [email protected]. This is the only address that will accept controller orders. Orders sent before noon or via phone or to any other e-mail, text or Messenger accounts will not be accepted. The list will be built based on time that e-mail was received. Only thirty (30) controllers will be available. For more information Google search "Siberia Racing". Apparently, posting my web page address runs afoul of the rules.

                    Note that the mailbox clock is set to Central Daylight Time (CDT) which is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Please note the time if you are scheduling an e-mail to arrive at my inbox at one minute past noon.

                    Again, Save the Date April 17, 2019

                    Time 12 Noon (CDT)

                    E-Mail address [email protected]

                    In your e-mail please indicate if you need a right handed or left-handed controller. Controllers are normally built with JK triggers. Parma triggers are available at my cost. Likewise, one-foot longer hookup leads are available at my cost.

                    Please indicate if you have special needs. I have built controllers for racers with special needs and should be able to accommodate your special need.

                    Once I receive your e-mail I will contact you to finalize details and the order. Parts will go on the workbench and the build will start May 1, 2019.

                    New for 2019 is a significantly increased range for the Upper Voltage Limit (UVL) dial. The increased range is due to feedback received from gravity car racers. The UVL change can be retrofitted to any M-Magic controller. Likewise any M-Magic controller can be retrofitted to add the Tri-Level-Choke and UVL features. Contact me for details.



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                      How much are your controllers? Thanks


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                        Originally posted by rickv View Post
                        How much are your controllers? Thanks
                        Controller price including shipping is $365.


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                          Steve, would you please confirm the date that you will start taking orders? You list both April 1 and April 17 above.


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                            Originally posted by gmcullan View Post
                            Steve, would you please confirm the date that you will start taking orders? You list both April 1 and April 17 above.
                            As it says above I start taking orders at Noon on April 17. I start making controllers May 1.


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                              Thank you, Steve!