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  • Parabolica

    For the first time in a long time I am thinking about routing another track. The motivation? The opportunity to create a track with a parabolic curve -- or two.

    For those who slept through their high school classes on conic sections -- well -- here...

    There is at least one real-life racetrack with a parabolic curve -- Monza!

    Monza's "Parabolica" unwinds onto the main straight, so the cars have the opportunity to pile on speed they can carry through the fastest part of the track. Judiciously accelerating while working through that singular corner. No small amount of skill and daring that!

    One of the advantages of routing your own track is you can develop custom curves however you wish. All it takes is a bit of planning and craftsmanship.

    Early days yet. But the parabolica concept has its claws into me. Could be very much fun!

    Ed Bianchi

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    Brad Bowman did a version that we race on at the Fray in Ferndale.


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      More of a spiral than a parabola, but yes, very cool.

      Ed Bianchi


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        Great. Move away. Build a killer new track. [snif] You really know how to hurt a racer!

        Sounds like it should be fun. Road trip to York PA !!!!!!


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          How else am I going to get you and Diane to come visit?

          I'm too busy now with moving to the new house to sketch up the track. I'll get to that later...

          But the images dancing in my fevered brain tend towards a 4-lane, 4 x 16 foot track with the parabolica feeding into a long, diagonal main straight.

          My visions suggest a figure-8-ish design with Salvador Dali-esque distortions. There seem to be a series of tight switchbacks climbing up to an elevated main straight -- parabolica and all. Said switchbacks are all chicaned -- with slot centerlines not much more than an inch apart.

          Somewhere in the middle of the track there is a large-radius, sweeping flat curve. It will probably pass under the main straight. Take it fast, hang it out, but be careful -- it'll bite!

          If all this comes true it will be my single most challenging track. There will be lots of opportunities for a skillful driver to shave tenths. Clumsy driving will not see much forgiveness.

          Of course this will be a copper-braided track -- no magnetic downforce.

          I'm falling in love with those climbing switchbacks. They'll be tight and they'll be edgy! Watch for traffic. A wide slide may get you around fast. Hit your pace and you'll make time, with speed to launch onto the parabolica and main straight!

          Ed Bianchi


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            Sounds like great fun. Road trip!


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              I'd love to travel to the states one day and meet all you guys over there, that would be a road trip !


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                The Parabolica track sounds amazing. Cant wait to see it get underway Ed.