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Trackmate wiring

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  • Trackmate wiring

    Does anyone have a schematic on hand for the printer port hook up for IR sensors?
    Or will it automatically detect them?

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    if it is from trakmate, it should just work.
    the problem only occurs if you try to create your own cable.
    or the PC port is not standard.


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      With Trackmate the sensors are connected to the interface unit, not directly to the computer. The interface is connected to a serial port if you have the older red interface or to a USB port if you have the newer black interface. If you are using other software you could connect the sensors directly to a computer that had a serial or printer port. Look on the HO Slot Car Racing website for diagrams of the connections. If you are using the red interface board with a computer that only has USB inputs you would have to get a serial to USB adapter and install a software driver for that. Another way to connect sensors to a computer that only has USB ports is to use an Arduino Uno board.
      This is how you would wire a printer connection if you were using the early version of Trackmate that did not use an interface board.

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        Thanks RichD