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Thinking about a new Routed HO track-Copper wire?

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    You need Slide Guides? I have a few thousand, and can order more when those run out.

    But I do need to apologize to a number of people because I have not been able to fill any orders for a number of weeks. I have been moving house. That means all my HO RacePro stuff had to get packed up and put on a truck. It also means I've had to dig through stacks of boxes in my new house to unearth it again.

    And there have been extra complications because I moved from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. New license, new registrations...

    Basically I have been too busy to scratch. But that is getting resolved. Moving finished. New house bought. Old house sold.

    I am semi-retired now, so I'll be able to spend more time, and maybe even some money, on my slot products. Including my long-delayed repop of Wingmaster Sprints.

    Watch SlotCarIllustrated for developments.

    Ed Bianchi
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