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Round Rail vs Braid

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    A 3 millimeter wide braid would be a very close match to a 1/8 inch wide braid.

    I'm not up on metric wire gauges and braids. My guess is there would be a slight difference in the thickness of the braid. Probably enough to require a slight change in the depth of the braid reliefs.

    I too would like to hear from anybody who has built an HO track using metric braid.

    Ed Bianchi


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      Just wanted to join in this thread with a picture of Ed's prototype magnetic braid track that has been in continuous racing use since 1999, with no visible wear.


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        That looks familiar! I raced on this one while it was still in MA.


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          The track Rich raced on has non-magnetic copper braid.

          Both tracks were made using the same routing template. I may have made a few others from that template, which I still have. That's the great thing about routing using a template -- once you have invested the time in creating a template you can crank out identical tracks quickly.

          I deliberately designed that track so there with many different curve radii, few 90 corners, and only one truly straight 'straight'. When you rout a track your design opportunities really open up.

          Ed Bianchi
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              I like round the best. I have run on both round and braid, and the round keeps me close to the same setup as other toy & routed trail racks.

              I have also seen the inlines nick the braided tracks.