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  • Hi all,

    Thought I'd post here as two of our group in Western Australia are making HO Routed tracks. We've posted details in our local forums which you can find here:



    Thanks and enjoy!



    • Kind of a formula

      I'm a total newbie here, today. I'm actually a displaced n-scale model railroader whose 2-1/2 year old son has been obsessed with cars of all kinds since 6 mos. old. I never realized how much certainty such a small kid could have, but he's definitely obsessed, so I'm gonna route him an HO track to go around his bedroom.

      Consequently, I've been looking for a lot of the same information as many of the posters here and I think I came across some info that may provide some specific answers to the questions just recently asked by Cadmaniac but many of us I'm sure will find this quite useful. In terms of banking and camber I found this on a UK slot car site. I found it very intriguing as I'm sure many here will.

      Thanks for such a great site.



      • Progress on Curt's Track

        We made some progress on Curt's track over the weekend despite breaking two router bits in an hour.

        Sections of the track cut up.

        The rest of the sections.

        Turn one rout one.

        Turn two hairpin.

        The layout thus far. All but three pieces have all the guide slots. The S curve was a complete mess and will be rerouted. The banked sweeper goes on the near end and will be the last piece made.


        • Guide Slots Done

          OK. All the guide slots are complete with the exception of the big banked sweeper on the end. The table is 6 x 15. Four lanes. Hand routed. Next up are the rail slots. I'm making a new jig since the bearings we used for the guide slots was barely riding on the edge of the track.


          • Wow.

            That is incredible...
            Don't stop now...



            • no worries

              No worries there. I'm just a bit bummed that I won't have it running for a party on Saturday. Well, I could but the Mrs. would be filing for divorce on Monday.

              Since the track owner did not have his own layout ideas, I proceeded to draw life size, on the fly. It is not an ideal race track but I think it will flow and rhythm pretty well. I took a few turns out of different race tracks I have raced and pieced them together. Initially I only wanted to put in a heavy chicane where the S turn is but it would not be enough of a challenge for the driver to blip thru it. I wanted there to be some early warning of the impending doom of the s curve so the high speed esses and very sharp right hander should get the drivers attention. Likewise, after the s curve, I wanted the driver to be forced to deal with easy sweeping switch backs vs. the zig-zag eses found on fray style tracks. My only remaining real decision is how many degrees banking for the big sweeper. The owner wants a fast track and I'm just not sure how much banking will be required to keep the cars just a tad under full speed?



              • stoppage

                OK I did stop. Only because my wife is tired of our youngest son sleeping in our livingroom while I rout this track instead of painting and decorating his room. The nerve of some people. Actually my son has not complained once about being displaced so I came up with a super cool way to decorate his room.

                I hope to be routing the rails on this track today or tomorrow. Sunday we'll be racing on the Katz-spa-ring in SF.


                • Could you show some pictures of the jigs you use to route the slot and rails?


                  • Originally posted by Yuccie Tim View Post
                    oohh aaahhh. 15 sheets of plastic delivered today. Routers at the ready!


                    What plastic are you using? This is the racing surface?

                    Now, some unrelated questions to anyone:

                    -What is the minimum clearance from one lane's rail to another lane's rail (as in at a crossover, how close can we get opposing rails without having voltage jump)? I don't have a plastic crossover section to take any measurements off of to see what clearance the manufacturers leave.

                    -Anyone have any experience with inside lane to outside lane crossovers on a routed 4-lane?

                    -Anyone used the Mastech brand of power supplies? I've found some relatively inexpensive ones (0-30 VDC, 0-10 Amp for $159, or 0-30 VDC, 0-20 Amp for $259) that look like they would be perfect for a LARGE routed track (my project plans have grown to 109' per lane).

                    P.S. - Thanks for the link Dhclark76!
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                    • I have three of the bigger Mastech power supplies and they work great.


                      • Groove Daddy,

                        I'm assuming you mean the 0-30V, 0-20 Amp Mastech... Do you run all three on one track, or are they powering individual tracks? Will one of that model be enough to power 4 lanes at 109' per lane, for T-jets through modified Tyco 440's?


                        • They are each on different tracks. And they run everything from T-Jets to Unlimiteds.


                          • Help me decide!

                            Hello all. I am totally new the the HO scene, but do have a very nice Silky (Jim Silknitter) made 1/32 router track in my garage currently. My family (read that as just my son and myself) have had so much fun with it over the last couple years that I think it's time for more. There's just enough room in my garage to hinge a 4' X 12' HO track to the wall, so I've spent the last few hours trying to come up with something I like. I'm having a tough time trying to decide on a layout. Any help or input will be GREATLY appreciated. There is a company locally that can CNC this for me at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE, including the MDF.


                            Ron Meloni


                            • Originally posted by Ron Meloni View Post
                              There is a company locally that can CNC this for me at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE, including the MDF.
                              This is the part that caught my eye...

                              What part of the world are you posting from Ron? I'd love to find a local company that would be willing to do some CNC routing for me for less than an arm, leg, and first born child.


                              • I live in San Antonio, TX. There is a plastic supply company, REGAL PLASTICS, that can CNC large scale. It would take 2 sheets of 4' X 8' MDF spliced together, but the cost is what I would consider reasonable. The sheets are less than $30 each (4' X 8' X 3/8") and the CNC is $75 plus setup (roughly $35). Am I way off base, or is that within reason?

                                Thanks again,