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Routed track lock wire. What awg wire?

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  • Routed track lock wire. What awg wire?

    What guage wire is used lock wire for 1/16 routed slots?

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    I strongly recommend you not use lock wire for your power conductors. Braid is a much better alternative -- easier to install, less likely to pull up.

    I get the impression you want to have magnetic downforce. For that you want to use a steel-based braid such as Magnetech SRP's tin-plated copper-clad steel braid.

    There, I said it. Flame suit on.

    Ed Bianchi
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      Originally posted by Bluezephyr View Post
      What guage wire is used lock wire for 1/16 routed slots?
      It depends on the rail you're using.
      You need to measure the slot width accurately, and then do the math.
      Usually 22 or 24 gauge is going to be close. If you use solid core wire, you need to be more certain. Multi strand wire is a little more forgiving when used in an interference fit application.

      McMaster-Carr sell both types buy the spool they also offer extensive info on all of their products. On the wire side of things, they give the diameter of all of the wire type they sell, and yes, it shows the diameter of the insulated wire as well.

      You may ask them for an engineering sample so you can test two or three different sizes for fitment before pulling the trigger.

      Just google McMaster-Carr.


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        Definitely test different gauges if possible. I found when doing mine I tested on both 1/2" MDF and 6mil PVC and realized there is a difference between the two track surfaces as far as how they lock on to the rail. My situation was different in that I had acquired the rail, picked a suitable gauge weed eater type lock wire and CNC'd the slot width according to what was going to give the best results. This was found by testing with a lot of different width test slots. Testing was definitely the key.