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    Anything more than a 45-degree bank should be excessive. At 45-degrees the force pressing the car against the track is equal to the force trying to push the car off the track. If your tires can produce a coefficient of friction equal to 1.0 -- and any good tire should be able to do more than this -- your car will get around the corner at full cry.

    You could probably get by with a less steep angle, especially with magnet cars.

    On my own banked oval -- which allows no magnetic downforce -- the steepest part of the banking is only 20-degrees. And our best gravity cars whip around those corners at very high speeds.

    In your position, I'd talk it through with Mr. Bowman. He has built scads of tracks and surely knows what works best.

    Ed Bianchi


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      Originally posted by Tudo View Post
      Hi All, been quite a while. Brad finished my track a week or so ago and I've been enjoying this wonderful track. I'm very interested in purchasing Landsharks, Riggens, if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful

      I have a couple of these cars and they never seemed to run the way I hoped they would on the afx type track. But on this track they are great. Fish tailing around the bank is especially fun. I'd like to develop a collection of these cars, need to be pointed in the right direction though.

      Just getting set up:
      Your picture appears to have dissappeared, any chance you could repost it please?
      Cheers Mike


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        This track is now for sale and available right now. See me or Terry Flynn


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          Gravity type cars are no longer mass produced, not a lot of people make them for sale. The cars are often built one at a time and sold via ebay. Some builders do a small batch of cars and put those up for sale. I got one Landshark as a kit from Lucky Bob's. I got another one from Al Thurman via ebay. Be aware that a car that is built to run on a railed track may not work well on one with braids and vice versa.


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            What is the size and how much?