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    Analog or Digital that is the question.

    Hi Mike,

    First welcome to SCI, you will find a lot of information here.

    The Analog/Digital question has been asked a lot of times on SCI and as Digital progresses more will embrace that side of Slot Car Racing.

    Right now it depends on what you want from the Hobby, Analog has had over 50 years to progress to where it is today. Still if you take the Hobby seriously you would upgrade power supplies, controllers, possibly cars, lap counting etc. The list goes on. Similar with Digital, only the aftermarket is still growing in that side of the Hobby. Right now there are not many higher end Digital Controllers, but that is changing, also the Systems as designed by the Set Manufacturers are being developed by the aftermarket to have more Hobby style features, more robust power, RMS ( race management ) high power handling chips etc, so like analog you can tune cars to your desire.

    But first where to start, probably with most Manufacturers analog is a good entry into this Hobby. Carrera, NINCO and Scalextric use the same track system for their Analog and Digital Sets so you can easily upgrade. SCX is going to do that this year as well so little to choose between Manufacturers.

    Check out the Digital Forums where you will find lots of answers, sometimes to questions you have not even thought about yet.

    Read up on both types of Slot Car Racing, and you will be more informed when you make a choice.

    See you at the Races, either Digital or Analog.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.