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  • Meet The Members Of SCI....RollTideVet/Lawrence

    I had originally planned to put Wet Coast Racer on the spot today, however, Alan, WCR, and LSIntegra are busy with changes to and to changes with SCI in general. Therefore, since I am not involved with those particular projects, I'll pick on me!!!!! So here goes......

    1)Lawrence, how did you become interested in slot cars?

    On July 8, 2005, our house burned and my wife, my son and I lost 90% of the contents in the house. My son Joseph had a substantial collection of "Thomas the Tank Engine" wooden trains and track, all of which were lost in the fire. During the 13 months it took to restore the house, I began researching model trains on the internet. My idea was to build a working model of Sodor Island.

    Well, after seeing the prices of the engines and digital controls, I became discouraged. One quiet day at the clinic, I did a search for slot cars as I had an AFX set as a kid. One of the first sites I came across was Jim Corley's . Jim is a sponsor of SCI and I began to read a lot of the material on his site. One thing stuck with me the most: Jim advised readers to shop their local hobby stores first before buying from his site.

    A trip to the local hobby store 3 days later yielded the Scalextric T3 set with the white and red Corvettes. I also bought the Green and White Scalextric Porsche 911 and the Red with White and Blue stripes 911. The set and cars were an instant hit at our household. The rest is history...

    2) Have you been involved in 1:1 racing?

    Yes. After I got out of Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989, I joined a "short track" crew based in Clanton, Alabama. We ran at Birmingham Raceway and Montgomery raceway. I was the right front tire changer. I stayed with the team for 2 years until our driver was seriously injured in an accident at Birmingham, The driveshaft broke free of its' cradles when he wrecked and it came up through the floor board and pinned his right arm, fracturing his forearm in 2 places. We did not race the following year.

    In 1992, a good friend of mine asked me to go with him to Road Atlanta to be a cornerworker. My wife also became interested in working with SCCA as a corner worker. My friend and I were fortunate enough to corner work the 24 hours of Daytona in 1992 and 1993. I quit being a Corner worker in 1997 due to time limitations.

    3) What is your favorite slot car to race with?

    Of All? Hard question to answer. I really love the Fly Saleen S7R releases. My real love lies in the Slot.It Group C releases yet I cannot pick a favorite. Overall, though, the ProSlot Toyota GT-One TS020 cars are my favorite. There is so much you can do with these cars to make them run well. So there, the ProSlot Toyota GT-One is my favorite.

    4) What do most people not know about you?

    My son Joseph and I collect Godzillas and other monster figures from the Toho movie studio releases. We have over 250 figures in all.

    5) What is your best advice for some one new to slot car racing?

    Start with the 1:32 cars and sets as they are scale models. Buy a set and expand it a small amount to fill a 4ft. x 8ft. table. Keep it small for about 1 year before deciding on a large track. I did not do this. After 2 months into the hobby, I built a 2 lane track with Scalextric sport track on a 16X8 table. Each lane is 97ft. long and it has 17 turns. My wife and son loved to race when I had the T3 track. The big track is too complex for them so the family enjoyment went out of the hobby quickly for me.

    I recently purchased an SCX Digital Nascar set and Kris and Joseph love it. This set has brought the family fun back into our racing.

    Ok guys and gals, I'm open to any questions you may have.......

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    An interesting history!

    What else do most people not know about you?


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      Good pic Wet. Took me a second but I believe it is from Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla. What else about me? My wife and I both ride Harleys. I own a 2003 100th anniversary ElectraGlide Ultra Classic while Kris owns a 2005 Softtail Deluxe. Joseph, who will turn 9 year sold in December, rides with me most of the time. I am also enrolled in Karae classes (IKF style) and will be testing for my blue belt on Nov. 15.

      BTW, the tag for my Harley says "GOJIRA" which is how it is pronounced in Japanese. Most Harley riders are NOT geeks like me so most of them don't get it.

      Trivia question for you: How many Japanese Godzilla movies have been made?

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        at a guess 20-25 or so i would say more. , i am only going on when i look for my Jackie Chan Movies online, i like the HK released versions with subs.
        Just a slot car Q Lawrence - do you prefer to race on board or plastic?
        Also what is your favourite slot car brand for RTR out of the box?


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          Hi Jordan,

          As far as out of the box performance, Scalextric and Carrera cars are hard to beat IMHO. It's funny (odd) that you asked because Alan Smith and I were talking about that the other day. Alan made the comment that he thought Slot.It cars were not so great OTB. Personally I have had tremendous luck with Slot.Its OTB.

          The absolute best car I've ever pulled out of a box was the standard version of the Playstation liveried Spirit Reynard 2KQ - the red one with silver stripes. It was and still is a bullet. I have transformed the yellow and blue standard Spirit Telefonica Reynard 2KQ into an LMP-mag racer for the RAAce2008.

          I want to get to the skill level of racing on wood tracks. I currently race only on plastic. I race both mag and non-mag cars. This is basically the reason why: I want the cars to perform against each other as they would in 1:1. In other words, a 917 should slide a little through corners whereas a 956/962 should stick like glue because of the ground effects of the chassis. And a Toyota GT-One should beat them all as the real 1:1 GT-One still holds the single lap record at Le Mans.

          DaveJr. has 2 great articles on how to set up cars for GT2 racing where they will not be as fast as most of the prototype cars.


          PS: Toho Studios made 29 Godzilla movies. The American Godzilla movie does not count.
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            More Questions

            Hi Lawrence,

            1) If you had to sell all but three of your slot cars, which ones would they be and why? (Let's hope this never happens to you or anyone else on this site).....

            2) As a vet, what is your favorite animal, and what is your favorite animal to work on at your clinic (might not be the same, correct)?

            3) So do Harleys, Slot cars, and Alabama football pretty much sum up your hobbies/interests?

            4) What is one thing you want us to know about Southerners and living in the South?



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              Hi Blair and Happy Halloween everyone,

              tough questions to answer there Blair. Sell 3 cars? Both of my SCX Audi R8's and the Spirit Pug 406 Silhouhette. That was the easy question to answer.

              Favorite animal: CATS! To me, they are empathic. An empath is one who is able to sense thoughts and feelings of others. An empath may not be able to read thoughts which is totally different. I myself am an empath so I relate to cats on a high level and it works in reverse also.

              Favorite animal to work on: This answer could get odd quickly. To be honest, despite working in the veterinary field since 1978 and being a veterinarian since 1989, it was only 4 years ago that I truly discovered that (trying my best) to heal the animals, in particular dogs and cats, is really what I was put on this earth to do. If I try my hardest, even when things cannot be cured, then I can say I did everything to the best of my ability. My clients se that in me. I DRIVE myself to try harder than anyone else and I am harder on myself than anyone else. Yes, there are a lot of better /smarter veterinarians than me who can spit knowledge out left and right, however, as long as I try my best to help the animals I am making myself into a better person.

              Hobbies and Interests? Blair, I LIVE and BREATHE the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Not just in football. We have one of the finest college gymnastics programs in the nation with Coach Sarah Patterson. Kris and I take Joseph to all of the home meets that we can attend. We get season football and gymnastics tickets. We attend a few baseball and basketball games, however, these two sports have just never been "my bag"

              Between slotcars, karate, and the Harleys, there isn't much time left for other things.

              Southerners and living in the South: Here is where I have to turn back into Super Mod (tee hee) and watch what I say. I was born in Mobile, Alabama and spent a lot of summers on the water in/on Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. I know how to drag a shrimp net. I know how to bait and set crab traps. And I know how to cook Creole food which is very similar to Cajun food (yes there is a very slight difference). That part of my heritage is something no one can take away from me and I am proud of it.

              As for living near Birmingham, Alabama, we try our best to put the church bombings, fire hoses, and police dogs behind us. The South has an ugly past and I (for one) want to do everything I can to change that image. Being a moderator for SCI gives me the chance to represent the South in a positive manner......which has made me rethink everything I say and do. I have made mistakes and have had to apologize for those mistakes. Yet somewhere inside me, admitting and apologizing for my mistakes makes me a stronger and wiser person. So bear with me as I try to do my best on SCI as I do at the clinic.

              BTW, I need your address Blair. Your orange and black McLaren F1 GTR is in the calendar along with the tie-dyed Ferrari F360 so you get a free calendar. Look for my PM. And thank you for the questions.



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                Thanks for answering all my questions!

                As for the McLaren, I wish I could take credit, but I would be re-miss if I didn't mention that it was decaled and otherwise decorated/painted/conceived by my good friend, Kerry Davis (PT Fan) from Vancouver Island, British of the nicest (and best slot car racers) you will ever meet.....since I have zero technical skills, Kerry is building all of my endurance cars for the series we are having this year at Alan's. I like to kid and say that I am just the team owner (e.g. financier) and that I've hired Kerry to be my chief engineer.

                Can he also get a calendar (I will pay for it if need be.....) ?



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                  Originally posted by rolltidevet View Post
                  4) What do most people not know about you?

                  My son Joseph and I collect Godzillas and other monster figures from the Toho movie studio releases. We have over 250 figures in all.
                  Rodan .... Rodan .... Rodan

                  AND - to admit to my advancing years - I saw both Godzilla and Rodan when they first came out ....


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                    Too cool Reegs! Toho Studios has opened the vault and have released 4 revamped 'Zilla movies. Each contains the original Japanese version with subtitles and the American theatrical release. Best of all, the first released was "Gojira" which was intended to be a very serious ant-nuclear war movie. It was originally released in Japan in 1954. The American version with Raymond Burr was released in 1956. Believe me, there are huge differences between the uncut original versions and the American releases.

                    From what I have read, Classic Media, who owns the rights to the movies and Toho STudios are planning on releasing Rodan in its' original version sometime next year. They are busy doing other Godzilla movies at this moment.

                    Back to slot cars............Check out my review of the new Slot.It 956K "Schiesser" release in the review section.......extremely shameless plug.



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                      Have you seen "An American Godzilla in Paris"?


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                        No, but Godzilla vs. Bambi is too funny.


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                          Not a vet... but almost there.

                          Hi Lawrence,

                          I'm a animal husbandry expert and have been working the best part of the last 20 years with environmental reclaiming, including a very cool endangered species program with three vets as company - they probably have one of the coolest jobs you can find!

                          But in truth I'd like to start by congratulating you for the fine job you do as a Mod and for being such an enthusiast about our hobby. We have "spoken" in pvt which gave me the opportunity to confirm what a nice person you are!

                          Now, down to slots...

                          Do you pretend to one day go wood? What kind of track do you prefer; a fast flowing, or more curvy technical one? Are you interested in slot rally racing? If so, what would your choice be if you had to buy 2 rally cars?

                          Again, thanx for the encouragment and stamina you put into our hobby and specially here at SCI: good job mate!



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                            Hey Lawrence, just noticed that today is a pretty significant milestone!

                            Best birthday wishes, and here's hoping your next half century is as much fun as the first!



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                              also lawrence , happy birthday . go , Badgers!

                              hey , did we all forget a bike ride to race somewhere in mid-country ?