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    Best. Podium photos. EVAR!

    GPR round 2 qualifying: DV, BigDog, WCR.

    GPR Round 2 race results: Robert, BigDOG, et moi.


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      No argument here. That first one was my desktop picture for months ...


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        Nice people...

        Yo Guys,

        I really appreciate your effort to put me up: as I've said before, SCI has some really great characters!

        Although reading the posts is still high on my very short "pleasure" list, I'm not writing that much because of my state of mind: I sometimes take more than half an hour to "compose" a short post due to my present inability to concentrate, associated to some hard time finding the right words in English. I think the meds still haven't quite kicked in, maybe in some days I'll be doing better...

        I loved those pics, Van: one of "my" very best moments here at SCI and it happened mostly due to your efforts!!!



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          im glad im able to be a part of such nice peoples all seem so nice......jim


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            Fernao , you should have been on this page long ago ! still think your lola proxy is one of the cleanest lookin` home builts ever ! little too cold here for my buell but my mini gets me to and from while it`s white out . we`ll have to talk maybe you could convince me to try a current proxy .

            again , glad you made it ! jer


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              Originally posted by BigDog View Post
              ...inability to concentrate, associated to some hard time finding the right words in English.
              First off, thanks for sharing your bio with us, great stuff!

              Sorry to hear about your hard times. Hang in there and speaking from experience, a shrink is good, but find a friend to listen to you. And I mean one that will just listen to you ramble. It helped me alot over the past year or so. I'll spare you all the details but life is tough for us sometimes.

              Heck, based on your quote above, forget the english, just come here and type away. We'll all be good listeners and have fun deciphering your words at the same time. Most of us here don't speak, let alone type, proper English anyway!

              Again, thanks for sharing and I'll be thinking about you as you walk thru this chapter of life. It WILL be okay, I promise you that.