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    Holland is very flat, and below sea level.


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      Absolutely right there, Van. Many people don't know this, but Schipol means "ship's graveyard". And if I may boer you all a little further with trivia that has about as much to do with Norway as the Monty Python dead parrot skit (well, less actually), there are a sufficient number of car crashes where drivers lose control, slide off the dyke, and end up sinking into the ditch, that they actually have training courses in how to get out of your vehicle without panicking if this happens.


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        What is Holland doing about rising sea levels?


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          I moved from a regular house to an apartment on the 12th floor to prevent wet feet.
          The sealevels aren't rising fast enough to be a concern for the near future. The dykes were built high enough so we'll be safe for at least a couple of centuries. Regular maintenance is enough to prevent disasters.


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            Nice to make your acquaintance...

            Hi 356speedster,

            Yes, you've made a good choice of a moniker: I also like that little "tank" a lot! Other than being a stretched out VW Beetle, let's not forget that it's the work of Ferdinand Porsche, which says a lot by itself - and the it had quite some stamina in it's days. I drove one in very good conditons when I lived in Venezuela and loved the thing! They are almost inexistent here in Brazil...

            Learned a lot about the 924 and the 928 from your posts, and I'd sure like to have one of latter as I just loooove the beat of a V8 (even more than that of a V12!). My bro had a 924, but I never had the opportunity to drive it as he was living in another continent at the time.

            You're track ideas are really revolutionary for my standards, but also very interesting, as you can have a wide variety of tracks to run on. Wood will definately make you happy (yes, I'm biased as I never ran on a plastic track).

            Thanx for sharing your story with us and keep this hobby alive in Norway: that's to be your mission in life!


            Originally posted by Tangmere222
            "Flatter lakes and ponds? "
            I thought you were gonna get away with that one Paul... nice try" HOHOHOHOHO!!!