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    Originally posted by Jerry LaGesse View Post
    loose translation in chippewa , land of big sea water . it`s been called that since befor the jesuites came in the mid 1600`s . longfellow (?) does hiawatha and its in there . right guy , right guy`s ?
    jer .
    what years did you race at brainard ? i did a little in my brothers cart . not bad either .
    The start is a bit hazzy as my children were born around the same time, built a house etc.

    Stock Light about 81-82 to 86. I can't remember how often in a season but I have a vague recolection of late night parties in the pits/paddock involving a panel van with beer taps protruding from the sides. There were two or three guys from Ontario. Myself, A scots guy and a junior.


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      what took you so far from home ? as i assume , bangkok is in thailand ? my brothers cars were black and silver and orange , just like dale sr.`s monte carlo . not very orriginal , but he was a great mechanic and his cars were fast . oh , and he believed like junior johnson , gray area was to be exploited . nice to chat with a fellow northlander ! do you miss , Oh Canada ? Eh ? thanks for postin` .


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        Nice going Jerry! I think I was on one of the oldest ships in the Navy...the USS Reclaimer (ARS-42) The Grasp was ARS-38) out of Pearl Harbor...Hull laid in 1939 I served aboard from 1972-1975, 2 westpacs...The Navy used her in a SinkEx this past year......the to then USS Okinawa (LPH-3) Amphibious Assault...Got to meet lots of Sailors and Marines...Finished up my Career in 1992 with 20. The best time I had was in Oahu because I didn't own a Kart, I was pronounced the Race Director fo the Pacific Karting Club. Gave it up a year later after going to Jim Hall Kart Racing School in Ventura then Crew Chief of a Kart in the club before I retired...Nice to know that there are some service members on here...
        LJ Angell
        OTM1 (IUSS) Retired Navy


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          she (your skimmer) was there when i was . remember her . my brother served on the knox (frigate) and came brother duty , but could only get same port , course we didn`t need any BT`s on a sub . his friend from high school came also on buddy duty , but ended up on the kawishawi . big old wwII oiler . last time we played cat and mouse with the destroyer squadron we sank that oiler like fifteen times . our whole ward room sank her like twice each . i was at sub-base pearl , with two west pacs thrown in from may 75 - june 78 . couldn`t wait to leave !
          say , haven`t i read that you have a service related dis . ? whats up if i may be so bold . sorry to hear that sir . i know , enlisted , just bein` polite . and i don`t mean to pry but we are brothers of a sort . i know several vets with service related boo-boo`s .
          thanks for noticin` !

          GL LaGesse

          MS3(SS) USN 74-78 also 91B/D SGT. USAR 88-98 and sixteen was enough . we`ll talk sometime
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            hi jer my brother greg was on the jfk carrier about the same time you were under me i was army 8 years and pulled kp duty a few times and was glad when it was over lol by the way always heard navy had the best chow guess thats not true?


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              yes , the navy`s "chow" beat the army`s hands down . and , not just cause i was makin` it . at sea ; sub sailors ate like kings . crab , lobster , hand butterflied beef tenderloin , everything made by hand . 32 loaves of homemade bread made every night . we fed four times a day 6-12 and 6-12 . and you could sit at the table and eat till you couldn`t get up . some of the cheifs actually did . i was blamed for more than one E-7`s joining the "fat-farm" . nice chattin` with ya . . . . do it again sometime . sorry your brother sailed on a target !

              jer aaarrrruuuggaahhhh , dive !