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  • Meet Jerry LaGesse

    Hello y'all,

    Please llow me to introduce Jerry Lagesse to our readers. Jerry claims to be from "the land of the gitchee gumee" and he has been very active in our buy/sell section lately. So who is Jerry and where is Gitchee Gumee? Well, let's find out:

    1) So Jerry, how long have you been in the slot car hobby?

    2) Expanding on question #1, what made you nterested in racing "scale model" toy cars?

    3) Have you had any experience in the 1:1 racing world? Sitting in the stands doesn't count .

    4) What is your favorite form of auto racing and which era of auto racing do you prefer?

    5) Ok, now the hard questions. First, say you have $125.00 SD to spend to build the best non-magnet 1/32 scale race car possible. You choose the era of the car then choose the parts you would "supertune" the car with.

    6) What 3 slot cars could you do without that you have purchased and why?

    7) What are your 3 favorite slot cars that you have purchased?

    8) Fly Car Model has recently "gone under" due to the economy. What future do you see for the slot car industry as a whole during these difficult times.

    9) What would you like to see a slot car company (say Slot.It/NINCO/or SCX) change to make their products better?

    10) Do you think there is a future for digital slot car racing? What might make it more appealling to the mass market?

    11) Who is Jerry LaGesse and where is the land of Gitchee Gumee? When typing this question, I was reminded of the old song line: I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in".

    Have fun Jerry!!!!

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    Jerry LaGesse and Gitchee gummie !

    1. Got my start when I visited a cousin(s) house and they had a set-up on the dinning room floor . I was about 6-7 . It was an early marx set , the cars were red and white and they looked like Cooper/Lotus sports cars . Just a little figure eight . Loads of fun though ! `Bout a year later dad surprised us with an eldon set . Dodge dealers were sellin` them . Coronet , and Charger , on chassis and a Dodge truck body to switch out to . Was a promo to go along with the Roadrunner , Beep Beep , and all the flower power promos Chrysler used to sell pony cars at the time .
    2. Well , dad was the director of professional developement at the local clay oval . He also owned a gas station (shell) with his dad . Thats where he would do all the tear downs and find parts that were "gray area" to steal a line used by Junior Johnson , over and over . We were too young to "help" so maybe this kept us interested and busy . Following a short stint with 1/32 we got into HO . "More race in less space" to steal one of Aurora`s sales pitches . I go all the way back to the silly counsel steering wheel and shift lever controlers . My favorite car at the time was the T-jet Lola GT . Course the factory didn`t just sit around , A/FX was comin` ! Finally a line of cars that didn`t look like wood-ticks . The Z28 (701/2) was IMO , one of the best "models" aurora ever made ! Tyco , about the same time , released Tyco/Pro . First one I got was a Cobra . Blue with white stripes . Insane car . Way too much power and straight-away speed . Also , the little pan chassis just wasn`t heavy enough . We only tried a few of them . Spent more time with the power off , and retrievin` them from the basement floor . So , guess after all that wind , at our age then it was the only way to race like Dad !
    3. Close . Raced a snowmobile a couple times . Dad made the switch , about 70 . He accepted a shop manager job , for a local millionaire . Got to meet the cream of the crop . I was 13 , 14 , 15 ! We placed all of our riders in the season ending tournament in 71 ( lack of a better title ) . Our female rider became a world champ . Owners granddaughter . But . In the pits/paddock , that weekend I met and shook hands with , Al and Bobby Unser , they had alot of money in a sled company from colorado , Chapparal , taggin` along with them , was Mario Andretti , former world driving champ . Ridin` for a canadian builder , Allouette , was a future world driving champ , by the name of Gilles Villenueve .
    Course that sled was no-longer around the next year cause Bombardier bought up all the toolin` and produced their own twin track racer . Anyhow , after about four years of tourin` the northland to race , dad turned in his shop keys and walked away from racin` all-together . Much to the dismay of his two boys who really thought that they would get a chance to hit the big time .
    4. HHmmmmmm , loaded question . Lawrence , to pick an all out favorite is very hard . What I don`t like is monotony . So , NAPCAR is out . Though I admit , when they run on a road-course , I watch . I do like roundyround , when it`s open wheel cars . 1/4 midgets , sprinters , USAC champ cars . Even world of outlaws . Not a fan of Champ/INDY , on ovals . Roadcourse`s , yes . I like all forms of sports-car racin` . Ralley , O.K. but , after workin` as medical support , this racin` is best viewed on T.V. . Pretty hard to be at all the corners for this form of motor sport . Guess if I had to pick a favorite , ALMS/LEMANS . And , though I really like Proto-type cars the GT classes get more of my attention . Beside`s it`s slot car racin` that allowed for me to own a corvette . A white one at that !
    5. Gettin` tougher here , first off , I have no non-mag experience . In fact have only experience , so far , with three manufactures . Fly (now down to two) Scalextric (none here anymore) ( as stated by a fellow poster "the bee`s knees") . So would have to rely on help from all the boy`s on this web-site . But , in my neo-phite defense . Would certainly lean towards . As for what car/era , guess that would depend on the rules . Seems that the 962 gets the nod for alot of guys here . Personally , I`am a little "tired" of porsche , porsche , porsche ! I have yet to enter a current proxy , due to a bad experience years ago . My first ever and only (so far) proxy car came home in pieces . Not even an apology . I did win the concourse trophy for my trouble .
    6. Three I could do with-out ! Well , after comin` home to slotcars , I`d have to say that I`ve already done that . And three dosen`t cover it , so far . I got started back-up , with scaley cars . Ive had fourteen of them or so . They are all gone . Too comlicated for my tastes . Also , in my humble opinion . They are to fast for scale . Especially the wonderful lookin` F1 models . Honestly , they must go around six-hunderd scale MPH .
    7. . Hands down ! Great look . Great quality . Great handlin` . Even , as far as I`am concerned , Great price . Again , I have to slip in here . I`ve yet to try more cars than i have tried . Course I`ve been doin` this on a bit of a budget . I really liked the quality of the only Racer I`ve had . A sideways . But it was way out of scale . It was just too **** big ! Fly`s are big too . Just not as bad . And unlike alot of the guys here . I only race them against themselves .
    8. Where is it goin` . . . . in the basement , the garage , the extra room , or like my house , instead of patio furniture in the entry way , it`s the race room . The followin` for slot cars will , IMO , always be there . As I said , I can`t afford to have Ferraris , Vettes , DBR9`s etc . any other way ! I believe it will remain an affordable way for everyday guys like me to race the big-guys . I have a good friend who is the gas man for the former Banner Racing team . He`ll keep me in it . Course , I have the home track "In" , he can`t beat me .
    9. This gets personal . But , more (!) variety . And as an example , ! Now , please know , I am forever impressed by Maurizio`s line . So far we got two porsches , already gave a hint as to that selection , and two Ferrari`s , a couple Jags , a nissan , BMW/McLaren , and might I say , only LeMans . Or that conception of only the one series . Somebody is surely goin` to take offense and rip me about this , but it is how I feel and what I see ! So , this is what I`d like to see , changed . more variety . "Splain Lucy" ( yes I`am that olde ) GT for example , even all the classes 1 2 C B S et all , where `s the Aston , Porsche (911 997 et al ) , Ferrari (430/460) , Lambo`s , Vette`s . Awful short list . To me . My idea is release four different cars when you choose a type/era . Not two , or worse , one ! The current GT cars are great . But there are only two (Nissan McLaren) . In my opinion the F-40 is of a completely different era and wouldn`t have done actual battle with the aformentioned pair . And here I feel like a flame is comin` , so . My version or the way i race is . Two , yes two lane only , cars that are a copy of an actual pairing . So , no I don`t mix 70`s with 80`s . Same as I don`t normally mix slot car manufacturers . Course thats a whole nother political football to kick around . However where I race must be considered . Only home , scaley sport two lane , analog . Guess , I`am a sucker to brand loyalty . I don`t race a ninco against a . Course that is a manufacturer I have yet to try . Have been considerin` a pair of SCX GT`s . They appear to be closer to 1/32 than fly cars . Been keepin` the overall cost down by buyin` smart and less .
    10. No , experience , yet of any-kind , with anyones digital . Maybe I`am an olde softy . I really like analog and have no interest . Course I`d likely give it a go , if I had a chance . Who`s cars ?
    11. Lawrence , thank you , this has been fun . And for the guy`s who feel I don`t type correctly , I used the shift key whenever appropriote . Gerald (Jerry) Lawrence LaGesse , say it like this , La Jess . Currently 52 but that changes in a little under a month . My family moved to this area after the French lost to the English in Montreal . I do live in the heart of "the land of gitchee gummie" . The land of the Big Sea water ! In Superior , the head of Lake Superior . I was a 74 graduate of a local high school . I am a Submarine Service Vet . Vietnam . And a Combat Medic . Dessert Storm . Currently work at a level 2 trauma centre . Surgical Technician . We serve a 300 thousand square mile area of mostly woodland . We get neat trauma . not ! Slots is just another of several things I like to do . This one covers our Winters well . Look forward to many more sales and purchases , and tradin` . Alot of really great guys willin` to share . Found a great place to be a slot guy !
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      Nice to meet you, Monsieur LaGesse, and I'm happy to finally learn where the heck Gitchee Gummie is. You're welcome to come back to Montreal for some racing anytime.



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        Thanks Olde

        due respect , 23 ain`t ! olde i mean ! will remember the invite . some day would like to vacation that way ! my first ancestor on this side of the pond was a french soldier from (spl) Deigere ? france . he married a native and she bore him three sons . i`am one of the outcome of that marriage . 17 something . . . . . forget the year ! no , not one of the three ! don`t be silly . though i`ve been told i do look french canadian . eh ? whatever that means . all of us on this rock with many different spellin`s are related . our last name was originally DaJes . i.n.s. mispelled it in the mid 1790`s and it`s been wrong ever since . anyhow , i warned lawrence i was a little long-winded . thanks for the welcome , sir !


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          You're very welcome, Jerry. I think it's pretty safe for you to come back to Montreal now. Most of the English have fled and the French, or rather their Quebecois descendants, are firmly in control again.

          BTW, Old23 doesn't refer to my age (as nice as that might be). 23 was the number on my old race car (see my avatar pic) back when I was young and had more money to burn.




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            Congratulations on making Meet The Members Jerry!!!!!


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              Nice to meet you...

              Yo Jerry,

              Nice write-up there, buddy: you had an interesting life, it seems. BTW, as a submarine operator (service man...?), did you really stay underwater for months at a time? That would have to be hard... A Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran, huh? My respects!

              As to the proxy racing I wrote to you about, now, after reading about your slot car preferences, I would advise you to visit the Slot.It Shoot-out area of this Board and peruse a little: it'll be like gold digging... with gold! And don't forget that in next year's edition of the Can Am Proxy Race, the Slot.It Alfa 33/3 will be elligible!

              Well, it's been great knowing a little more about you!



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                Bill . . . . . .

                Thank You , MARINE ! thanks so much , for your help , and friendship . sorry the viper set didn`t work out . it was straight out of my GTS/R . and , i find i will likely have to change the pinion as well as what i did already . good thing i bought a puller . what else do you need , that i just might have !


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                  Fernao . . . . .

                  thank you my multi-lingual friend . a pleasure to be noticed . honestly i was the one who did the arm twistin` .
                  Submarines . it was interesting ! yes i deployed to the western pacific twice in three years . the longest i was submerged was 21 days . i did not serve on a ballistic missle boat . though my boat was considered a fast attack , we , the crew , refered to her as a slow approach . if i remember right she was commissioned the year i was born . i sailed on her from 18 to 21 . my years not NAVY years . USS SARGO SSN 583 . that was her hull number . i was a mess specialist , or a ships cook . nuff of this ! lonnnnnggggg time ago !
                  Thank you for the info on a proxy . gotta say , right now , not gonna do that . i have the alfa . and , with the help of rixvette it looks pretty darn good ! i used to paint , but my most recent attempt told me to , "pay for paint" . and , again , really like the way your lola turned out .
                  As far as my early years went , also , during dads years with bombardier , along with the local RandD boss i got to meet Yvonne DuHamel . yes miguels dad . he stayed at our house for two days . which meant a night over . not only was he racin` for bombardier but also kawasaki at the time . very cool mustache ! all of those meeting`s were very short as i was the gas man (boy) and though i could recognize these guys i was workin` for dad . no gettin` lost or delayed . mixed racin` fuel for just about every heat , then every final . we had a sled in every class . two in some . neat time to be a teenager !
                  again , fernao , thank you . glad to make another friend .
                  as for my service , thank you , would do it again in a heart beat ! i have not forgottin` my oathe to my constitution !
                  Last edited by Jerry LaGesse; 06-26-2009, 06:17 AM. Reason: another thought . . .


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                    I'm interested... (or maybe curious)

                    Well Jerry,

                    I'm curious about the guys I'm talkin' with and everyone has something interesting to tell about their life, so I really like this section of the Board, so cleverly created and operated by Lawrence (rolltidevet) who, BTW, is a very cool guy!

                    Please do not give up on painting: I find it utterly rewarding when I paint a car and the result is up to my expectations (which was not the case with the Lola... not fishing for compliments here, just stating a fact!). It's as if it is part of me, no really, when something you create comes out right, the feeling of exhiliration and accomplishment are unequaled! And the learning curve can be pretty steep when it comes to painting - just get the right guys to teach you how it's done...

                    Being a mess specialist can be quite an exciting and action filled function on a ship, if we take Steven Seagal's character as an example, in that movie where he war the cook aboard the USS Missouri (I think)... Oh! And he also got to keep the nice broad!

                    Cheers and take care!


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                      battleship , smattleship . . . .

                      current torpedoes go and find the biggest hull in the water . if , i was on a skimmer , i`d want to be on a frigate or destroyer . Not a carrier or battleship . besides , our battleships are currently all mothballed .
                      bein` the ships cook was a very thankless job . some nights you could do no wrong and others you couldn`t even get the gravy right . oh , well . for the most part you are the only rating that works like the dog your mother was . not a personal attack . just a phrase , a very pertinant one regarding ship-board life . glad i did it , glad i`am no longer there ! oh , by the by , segal , though likely a great "kick and throw guy" is not a sailor !
                      thanks for the incouragement regarding a rattle can . surely will try again . likely not , soon . but i will .
                      my wife qualifies as a "nice broad" .
                      thanks fernao !


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                        Jerry, had to shout out to a fellow Squid! Nice to meet the Bubblehead, Stewburning Combat Medic! LOL Relatively new to slots myself did 24 years, BM here. Nice to know where gitchee gumee finally is! Started trying to read all these meet the members threads. See ya around! Gene


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                          what boat and what time frame ? where were you home-ported ? nice to make your acquantance ! i graduated from sub-school in march of 74 . forget the class # . how many times did you smear red-lead on the hull ? i haven`t been here all that long . really still a new-bie . not to slots but this GREAT site .


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                            Gitchee Gumee. I donít remember it being called that.

                            I used to live in Terrace Bay and travel through The Lake Head on the way down to Hoyt Lakes and Brainerd to race Karts. Maybe I drove by your house? Or maybe you are further inland near 1000 Lakes.
                            I miss snowmachines. Arctic Catís rule as does the Ballad of The Edmund Fitzgerald. I am old enough to remember that John Deere made snowmachines.

                            Put your long johns on standby. It's getting close to the season.
                            Last edited by Abarth Mike; 08-21-2009, 11:14 AM.


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                              Gitchee Gummie .

                              loose translation in chippewa , land of big sea water . it`s been called that since befor the jesuites came in the mid 1600`s . longfellow (?) does hiawatha and its in there . right guy , right guy`s ?
                              jer .
                              what years did you race at brainard ? i did a little in my brothers cart . not bad either .