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    Where would i post to see if anyone is in the area that would like to get together to race? Didnt know where to post this. I have a 3 lane routed track in Summerville SC with full lap counting capabilitys and and is free standing like a commercial track. Its only 40' but it is a load of fun.


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    Summerville SC Racers


    You didn't mention what scale though with a routed track assume it is 1/32 or 1/24th. There is a group of us here in the Charleston that race HO. Our club site is . I have a 5x12 tabletop with Carrera and mess with 1/32d & 1/24th. One of our members lives in Mt Pleasant and we race from time to time older 1/24th cars. Where do you live? PM me and will see when we can get together.

    Alan Moss
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      I did forget that important information. 1/24 scale. We run 4" and 4.5" flexis and hardbodys with FCR or scratch built chassis motors are falcons in the 4" nascars, s16d in 4" and 4.5" nastrucks and 16d in hard bodys so far. I do have one retro can am I built but we are just starting. Can am has a mini brute in it. I had some 1/32 but just sold all of them because they just arent as fun. I attached a few pics. I still have some stuff to do though. Im in summerville off of lincolnville road.