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  • Good morning!

    Hello and good morning from Sacramento, California! Thanks for adding me as a new user!
    I'm here for slotcars, obviously, but mainly love the 1/32 scale goodness.

    My local 1/32 scale track closed recently and therefore I have been reading about how to build my own track. It's hard to justify buying couple plastic sets to assemble into one track when it seems fairly easy and not too expensive to build my own wood track. Carerra plastic is nice lane spacing, but I can't stand thumb plunger controllers and I have a good power supply (used for my Tire Razor) that should be able to power a two-lane track. Wish I had more room, but half a two car garage it is.
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    Welcome, Bronco! Have fun building your track. Plastic and wood tracks each have advantages, and there is plenty of advice and assistance here for both. Main thing is to have fun with it.

    Happy racing!


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        Welcome to SCI! I, too, enjoy 1/32 scale slot cars - both womps on a commercial track or or the various brands on a home track. I am in Georgia and am fortunate enough to have met some great people to race with. One of them in particular has a large 4 lane Carrera track with dual power supplies and electronic throttles. I do not like the plungers either, but you do not need to use them. You can substitute other throttles. I am speaking of an analog track, not digital. Hope this helps.



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          Thanks all, I'm reading lots and trying to figure which way to go with track.

          Vinnie, yes controllers can be swapped around thanks for mentioning that. Professor Motor PMTR2110 "Low Voltage Scale Racer PRO" Electronic Controller is what I'd been using and it has been very good.