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Greetings from Ontario Canada

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  • Greetings from Ontario Canada

    Hi folks, glad to see the site is allowing new member registrations finally! I have been wanting to join since last summer. Iím just a garage racing enthusiast who had not had a HO slot car set since I had a Tyco Race and Chase set as a kid in the early 90ís. Nintendo won out for me unfortunately but luckily dedication to the guitar won out over video games.

    I found an old AFX Canadian Indy set in the attic last year, long forgotten by the previous owners kids. Wow did that ever trigger me, pun intended. I went from having the two cars from that set to almost 40 in less than a year. Iím sure I raised the vintage Tyco 440x2 cars value on ebay almost single handedly so sorry about that lol.

    Anyway I just wanted to say I can see myself enjoying this hobby immensely going forward. Seems that the HO scale is struggling these days especially here in Canada. I donít think there is a single hobby shop in Ontario that you can walk into and buy any new AFX stuff from which is sad. Seems almost like they are struggling to put any product on the shelves, so I have aquired lots of used track and restored it as best I could. I run a temp track as every Halloween the garage becomes a haunted house for the trick or treaters and itís to cold to enjoy laps out there in the winter anyway. Going stir crazy to set up my 16íx6í table and put a track together. Last yearís was 91í this year will be 125í.

    That was way to long of a first post and I probably will read more than I say on here as I like many others by the sounds of it donít have any fellow-a-slotters in my area that I know of.

    So hello to all you out there, I know nothing and have very little experience but this hobby is ridiculously addictive!

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    to SCI!

    Lotsa knowledgeable HO guys here, I know what you mean about a lack of product on the shelves.
    Don't know how the manufacturers are going to grow the hobby without putting it in front of kids.


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      I was beginning to wonder if they had gone into recievership because if you donít have stock available at Christmas time you are either selling like hot cakes or on the brink of going bankrupt. I donít think theyíre selling like hot cakes unfortunately.

      Thanks for the welcome!


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        There used to be an HO racing group in the GTA, they race at home in basements and whatnot.

        I have visited with them twice, and it is great fun. They operate a kill-switch racing system that allow for tactics without marshals.

        I will try and find out if they are still active. Are you close to the GTA or the Golden Horseshoe?
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          You may be thinking of the OHORA club possibly sorta maybe coulf be.


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            That is the one.


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              I was looking at contacting them but I think they are just about done for the year unfortunately. Looks like fun, Iíve never raced anyone except friends and wife and weííí are equally inexperienced so the races are close until one of us flys out of the slot. At the very least it would be neat to be a spectator or do some marshall duty if need be. Donít know how competive I would be.
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                The guys are good racers, but the accent is on having fun. I was competitive when I visited, despite limited experience of small table tracks. I was running cars built for me, but the guys are not the sort to hoard tuning tips.