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  • Hi from New Zealand

    My name is Rod, I first started Slotcar racing in 1963 in London England. Our club which was formed at the company I worked for, Magnavox Electronics where we had a track in the lunchroom where we could race during our lunch break and after work in the evening. We also raced against other clubs in London with some success. At our home track we raced each week for the "Jim Bowler Trophy", the guy who had started the club. I still have that trophy as I was the last one to win it before the club closed. A year later my wife and I emigrated to NZ.
    I still had my MRRC, Monogram and Revel slotcars where they stayed unused for about 20years untill my two young sons discovered them, wondering what they were. To cut a long story short I ended up building a two lane wood track where just the three of us raced. The boys grew up and left home and I just played around now and then untill 3 years ago when I found out about a club nearby in Auckland called the Oreiki Racers. I went to see them and was immediatly infected by the slotcar bug again!!
    Of course none of my 1960's car were not any good but all the guys were very friendly and helpfull. At age of 75, I am not as fast as I used to be but I am still passionate about our hobby/sport and love racing and always trying out different things to make my cars faster, I don't think I will ever get over my infection so I will have to grin and bare it.
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    Hi Rodalan. Welcome to the NZ scene and SCI although sounds like Mike Doo and company have already you given you a good start.

    My brother and I started racing 1/32nd slot cars in 1960 when we were about 9 and 14. I sold my Triang/Hornby train set to buy one of the early Scalextric sets in Christchurch. Just a figure 8 with that horrible rubber track and a battery box but the latter was immediately replaced by a transformer. We raced each other initially using an old alarm clock for timing races. By 1962 I hit the wood track scene but they would not let my little brother race as he was too young. He had to wait for junior racing to be introduced. When the 1/24th commercial tracks opened later in the 60's we changed to the bigger scale until little brother went on his big OE in 1974 and I moved to New Plymouth for work. We never lost the urge however and started again in 2007/8 with 1/32nd magnet racing before building a 3 lane wood track in 2009/10. In the meantime we had raced karts, yachts, RC Buggies and Radio Yachts as fill-ins. We also both race 1/24th metal cars a few times a year.

    Like you we will probably race until we die hopefully many years away. It is a great sport. Look forward to meeting you some time. If you ever come down this way please look us up.

    Regards Charles Le Breton (charlesx)
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      Thanks for your reply Charles,
      It's good that us not so young guy's are still going strong and I really believe that Slotcars do help to keep us going. It sharpens our mind and reactions and certainly keeps the younger guy's honest because no way do they want to be beaten by us!! It doesn't bother me whether I win, (which is rare) or not, I just love racing.
      You are probably like me and just like to tinker with the cars, the trouble is a lot of times I make them worse. That's why I invented my Slotcar Balance Device, as I can alwayes put the car back to what it was before.
      Thinking about your name "charlesx" I have heard it mentioned by the other guy's, or do you enter any cars in Proxy racing. If you do I probably have raced your's at Oreiki Racers.
      I do like proxy racing as it's amazing the different cars we get from all over the world. I must admit though that it is difficuld not being allowed to even have a warm up lap on any of the cars, so you start racing cold with no idea how good or bad each one is. You have a very quick learning curve.

      Thanks for your offer to visit, If I do come down to New Plymouth I will certainly give you a call.




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        Hi Rod. Did not realise you were one and the same. We met in Nelson last year and I talked to you about Mary Forder. I an still into DNA. Did you go to Nelson this year? I did not but am going to the DTM Classic and Thunderslot event in October. Yes like you I just like to race. The occassional win is a bonus. Also going to 1/24th Flexi event in Tauranga next month. Yes I am also into proxy racing. Only 4 this year but have been in up to 12 a couple of years back. Even if not competing I enjoy the reports, photos etc. Currently running in Touring Car Proxy and Pre-1965 Proxy in USA/Canada plus the Tasman Cup and WRP in Aussie. Regards Chas Le Breton


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          Chas I remember it well talking about Mary. If I remember correctly it turned out that you were not related. It is a small world though. In Auckland I keep looking at people to see if any look like me as my dad was in the merchant navy and sailed to NZ 14 times before the war and then lived in Auckland for 5 years, so who knows how many brothers or sisters I have!!!!
          Yes I did go to Nelson two weeks ago and much to my amazement I won the group 6 trophy. I don't know how I did it for my first races in the morning I was crap but somehow the afternoon races I was very happy the way things went. Thats slotcar racing for you.
          Anyway Chas, good to talk to you.

          Ps. by the way I have sold about 70 of my SlotCar Balance Devices to Australia, Canada, USA and the UK. In Aussie, Armchair Racers in Sydney are the distributer for me.


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            Great . C Le B