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Hello from Vancouver Island, Canada

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  • Hello from Vancouver Island, Canada

    Hello! Brand new to the hobby thanks to a Facebook Marketplace offer of a Carrera 1:32 collection I couldn't refuse. Always been a fan of motorsports, and I am an active sim racer on PC with a full cockpit setup. I had this Tyco slotcar set as a child in the early/mid 90s, but this is blowing my mind right now (and my kids are loving it too). Was able to get an 11 car and 70+ track piece (plus accessories to support 6 players) set. It is mostly in good condition, and that's nice considering it almost all appears to be 2006/2007 product.

    Pics of the collection :

    I've been learning lots about the hobby and this set. 6 of the 11 cars are fully working, one of those just needs a replacement tyre... and the other 5 unfortunately are either not showing any sign of life, or have other damage making them non usable. Some of the collection are Pro-X series (2 F1 cars, 2 lane changer sections, 2 controllers, 1 grid tile), but I've figured out lots about Pro-X vs Digital 132.

    Look forward to learning more about the hobby and possibly expanding my collection to have a nice set of 6 similar cars so I can have a full grid race with family and friends. Will make other threads for troubleshooting questions I have, appreciate any assistance from the community. Thanks!

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    Welcome from someone just across the strait in Richmond. I am sure you will still learn lots here and trust you will enjoy the hobby. Unfortunately I would be of no use to you on digital as I am just an analog guy! Trust you know that there is s strong analog group in the Victoria area?




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      Welcome to my Site, I hope you enjoy yourself here.
      Reach out to Slotbutton who is in Victoria they have a good group of guys on the Island racing Slot Cars.


      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        Hi from Robert in Abbotsford ,have a permanent track set up all the time, non Digital Ninco, Cheers


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          Welcome aboard fellow Canadian racer!


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            Thanks for the welcomes my fellow Canadians. And I do recall seeing a slot car hobby shop in vic, as well as a big track (but seen long ago) in a building near the Western Speedway. I will be reaching out to more to see if I can find some more sources for the Digital 132 parts/cars/etc.


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              We Are eLVIS

              We have a
              79' 6 lane mdf track here (by VGH hospital)
              another 4 lane 76'? mdf track at Western speedway area
              and a 3 lane mdf up at Cherry point
              We race 4 heats a night (Wenedsday)
              Non Mag - silicon tires and non modified cars
              Let me know if you are interested in joining us sometime