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  • Steven Doane - PDX - HO 1:64 Slot Cars

    Good morning! Thank you for accepting me to this website! below is my race tracks (AFX). i just purchased 2 ds controllers and a variable power supply. I would like to hook it up to my race track and replace the stock controllers and power supply. I have looked at a lot of wiring diagrams and i just want to make it easy. i am not an electrical type of guy, but i can follow instructions! So with that said, i need a simple configuration for my race track. the controllers are 45ohm and the power supply is variable. I truly appreciated the help you guys show here and again thank you !!!
    StevieD International Raceway StevieD 1/4 Dragstrip

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    If all you need is Controller Hook up I would use the DS-022 Track hook up box.

    Easy to wire up to your track. Plus sold by SCI, well indirectly as My Store is the financing that keeps SCI online.

    See here, and you can always call me if you have questions.

    Also welcome to my Site, enjoy.

    How do you like the DS Controllers?

    Also look at DS-0010 as a safe hook up plug.
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