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    Got into the hobby back in 2001 with a buddy. So started going to weekly race night at local hobby shop like it was church. Ended up selling my stock of cars cuz i didnt have time I used to go all the time. Ended up buying a Scaley Jaguar for a no magnet enduro as thats been one of my favorite classes.

    Back in beginning of febuary got back into it when at flea market found a Ninco 1/32 set and 2 double pack of longstraight in a shop dude sold to me for 60 bucks. so slowly getting back into things.

    Since then I have gotten 8 more cars, the Ascari Resort Ninco track and have 2 powerslot Hummer in transit. My wife thinks I am sick but I just tell her I could be at the bar.


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    The guys who have a problem are those who slot race and still go to the bar. I tell my wife the same thing. When I wanted to build a wooden slot car track in the basement, she said, why not build a bar and put a pool table in the room? I don't want to shoot pool, I want to race and have the guys over to race. We can still drink beer.