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  • Hello from Central NY

    Hello everyone. I have been looking at this site for about a year and a half now and decided to join. Love the coverage of Nurnberg and the reviews of the products. Been into slots since Feb of 2008. Last time I had a set it was a Tyco figure 8 in my youth. Now I am into SCX and Ninco rally. Still debating which of the two are good for me. I look forward to learning how to tune, maintain and race from this site. Thanks brkn44

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    another rally guy


    another rally fan, cool... lot's of info and tips all over the site... Good luck with the tuning, I started w/ the Ninco rally and also own the NSR clio-great little car... Have a few Avant slot rally cars coming and looking forward to these cars also...

    have fun



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      Yeah I love rally cars. I wish there were clubs that would throw the huge rally stages they have in Spain, Italy and South America. I always check out the slot rally montages on youtube. Have any idea how I can get one of those Avant slot Raid trucks here? I think those are really great too. I will keep things posted on my rally set-ups when I get my space cleared in the garage. I am in the works to make it a slot car space. Thanks, brkn44


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        Alan at is the dealer/importer for Avant slots in the US now, I think he was trying to get some of these trucks in.



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          Thanks! I really like those MAN raid trucks. Are they to 1/32 scale? It would seem like they might dwarf the regular cars and trucks. I could never tell from the you tube videos if they were.