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Hi, I'm NEW HERE, and into Slot-BIKES !

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  • Hi, I'm NEW HERE, and into Slot-BIKES !

    My name is Ralph, and I'm nearly 52 years old, a Former Flattrack 1:1 Motorcycle Racer, and now live in Central PA. I'm NOT really a car guy at all, and we bikers call them Cages- LOL. Anyway, about 10 years ago, Mattel came out with the Jeremy McGrath X-Treme Motocross Race Sets, and I bought one, and got hooked on slotbikes ! Yeah-yeah, I know most all slotcar guys frown on slotbikes, and the HO guys even Hated the McGrath sets, but I just love 'em My layout is a very simple dirtrack oval, and it's in 1:24 scale ! The McGrath bikes may run on HO track, but the bikes are 1:24 SCALE, and since I also collect and build other vehicles and scenery in 1:24, this all combines very well. (I also used to model trains with a 'G' scale railway outside*and inside* which was roughly 1:24 as well.)
    Sooooo....where do I stand in this forum ? You're probably ALL car guys, and the HO guys probably don't care about the McGrath bikes either. Anyway- here are some pix of my layout and some of my two dozen bikes.....

    FYI- this is a McGrath slotbike compared to a "Fine Scale" 1:24 motorcycle of similar type.

    IS there anyone out there thats into this kind of racing too ?
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