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    Well, new to this group. I did a little slot racing when I lived in Montreal in the 60s, making it to the city finals a few times. When I moved back to Toronto, I met a few guys at a toy show and they had some slot cars. That was 1974. I started racing with them every few weeks and built up my scale garage with Chaparral cars. We started a club in 1976 called 'Group 25 Model Car Builders Club'. We met monthly for a static meeting and every 2 weeks to race slot cars. We had several classes and thingies were not allowed. The cars had to look like cars. In the late 80s, the slot car tracks disappeared as most were home built tracks in basements. A few commercial tracks came and went and the slot racing in our club waned. We still have a static club and recently I picked up a box of slot car bits from one of our members. Now I have to do some repairs and get them running again. That means some chassis and motor tuning and repairing and repainting the bodies. I'll get out to a race soon but probably not until the fall as I have baseball until then.

    I know there are some Toronto area people here as one of them told me about the site. If you are in the area, say hello and introduce yourself.

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    Welcome aboard, Chaparral66!
    If you can't find local racing, check out the proxy selections here on SCI. Always something going on.


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      Welcome back to the world of Slot Cars. If you want to race 1/24, the only place I know of (in Toronto) is the Brant's Hatch club in Willowdale. They race mostly 1/24 hardbody cars with a variety of chassis underneath them - hand built or production.
      The 1/32 plastic chassis cars (Slot It, Racer/Sideways, Scaley, etc) seem to be the more popular scale now. You have more choices here - Mini Grid ( a club track), commercial tracks GP Slot Car Raceway and RaceHaven. There are some other home based 1/32 club tracks in the area but I will let them introduce themselves.


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        Welcome back. There are few of us GTA types lurking around here.


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          I'm new to the hobby but my obsession grows daily. I think they might get sick of my loitering at MiniGrid. I set up a 2 lane Carrera track "for my kid" and I race on it solo ten times for every time he and I race together. Might have to break down and join a club with other "adults" one of these days.



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            We run 1/24th Scale model 'Hardbody' at GP Raceways... next race is May 11th. Come on out and see what we are into.